WAIFU!!!!!! vs Useless Girl




Connections Edit

These two are female fighters who punch everything to attack. And besides this is an epic fight.

Busty Blonde vs Pink-Yandere Edit

Random Bar in Hidden Leaf Village

A young man wearing gray with black hair was seen in the bar, with girls constantly following him at every second. But one young woman standed out from all of them. She had significantly smaller "features" than the others, and she had short pink hair. That had to be only one young woman, Sakura Haruno. As she was standing there nearby the young man, another came up to her.

Young Man: Hey Sakura! Wanna go get some ramen with me, Lee, Shikamaru, Shino, Gaara, and Hinata?

Sakura: Sure......

As the group starts to head out the door is blown open. As dust started to clear it revealed a blonde busty hot young woman with two yellow gauntlets. Who could this be? Why Yang Xiao Long of course. As people were terrified she started to walk into the bar.

Yang: I'm sorry, just looking for some people.

Yang approaches the bar and sees the group of ninja, but turns to the bar tender.

Yang: I'll take a strawberry sunshine please. No ice.

As Yang awaits her drink she walks over to the group who look, angered, scared or are just wondering why this random chick was approaching them.

Yang: You all are going to have to come with my, I was sent her to get you guys.


Shikamaru: I really don't want to go anywhere, so no.

Lee: Don't come any closer! Or you will be forced to fight me!

Sakura pushes the others away and looks at Yang with a fierce stare.

Sakura: Look but if you do not leave this village, I will have to force you to. Dead or Alive.

Yang: Oh so someone wants to pick a fight? Don't get upset once you lose.

HERE WE GO!!! Edit

Sakura and Yang rush at each other with their fists colliding.

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