Yang vs yang

Yang Xiao Long VS Yang is a what-if DBX created by MickySR2112. It stars Yang Xiao Long from RWBY against Yang from Street Fighter.

Description Edit

RWBY VS Street Fighter! Two fighters named Yang fight it out! Who will win?

Battle Edit

Grimm Infested Forest, Remnant

Smiling,Yang Xiao Long took down what another Grimm, she'd stopped counting the number of Grimm she killed after 10.

Another Grimm fell to a blast from Yang's golden gauntlets, who was so occupied with the Grimm she didn't notice the purple light and the person who fell to the ground after the light disappeared, it was Yang Lee.

Despite being confused, Yang Lee watched as Yang Xiao Long took down Grimm after Grimm, admiring her skill.

"Phew... That's them all..." Yang muttered to herself as the last Grimm fell.

Yang Xiao Long heard clapping and looked to see the source, it was Yang Lee.

"Well done. Those weapons look very effective." He said.

"Well... Thanks. You have a name?"

"Yang Lee."

"Hmm, my first name's Yang too. Yang Xiao Long."

"Alright then. Wanna fight?"

"Sure! I'm always ready for a good fight!"

(Cue The Strongest Iron Arena)

Here we go! Edit

(Cue 'Die')

(Cue 'Qrow vs Winter')

(Cue 'Volcanic Rim')

KO Edit


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