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shazam vs saitama scarlet spider vs cat noir
Weathervane vs stormy weather

battle of the weather masters

Description Edit

it's a battle of weather masters as weathervane from loonatics unleashed takes on miracolous ladybug's stormy weather

pre fight Edit

we see a girl with a umbrella walking along when she notices weathervane.

she then get's a little jealous girl: oh man i wish i could do that just ounce suddenly a purple butterfly comes

by voice: then how about we get you in a costume a little more fetching girl: okay i accept voice: good the

girl then transforms into stormy weather stormy: hmm looks like things are about to get blustery she then

charges as weathervane notices weathervane: well looks like i got a little competition no matter i will easily

defeat you she then get's her power ready

Here we go!! Edit

weathervane then get's ready to launch lightning at stormy weather but stormy easily blows it away literally

back at her striking her weather vane is knocked away by the lightning and wind but luckily she launches a

giant snowball at her stormy: uh oh... stormy is thrown into a building right through it to be exact builder: oh

great more damage just what we need after that spider fought that cat guy stormy weather then got angry

and launched icicles at weathervane she just countered with a sunbeam but it was too late as she was hit

with stormys umbrella right in the face soon stormy weather then unleashed lightining on her striking her in

the head weathervane was out of it but she snapped out of it and launched several icicles at her tiny ones

stormy weather was getting cut all over but she had an idea she use her umbrella and with wind knocked

them back at but weathervane just laughed and destroyed them with the sun weathervane: heh is that all

you got cause you used that trick before earlier and well i know all your tricks now face it you... that was the

last words she could say as stormy's through a huge icicle through weathervane's heart killing her in a

instant stormy: win she then flew little did she know she saw the whole thing and was gettign flashback of

the scarlet spider cat noir incident ladybug: well looks like i am alone rip peace cat i know you would've

wanted me to continue without you


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