Waluigi vs Papyrus is another DBX by Uk Kook.


No research

Just bloodshed



Waluigi was walking around carrying his tennis racket but suddenly he sees two weird looking skeletons talking to each other.

Waluigi: Hey get out of my ways losers.

Waluigi kicks Sans causing Sans to crumble to dust. Waluigi chuckles until he gets hit by a bone.

Papyrus: You killed my brother you dirty brother killer I'll murder you.

Waluigi: Weh heh Let's a go.

Here we go!

Papyrus chucks some bones at Waluigi who swims over them and tries to hit Papyrus but Papyrus socks Waluigi in the face causing Waluigi to hit a tree. Papyrus then starts altering gravity unknown to Waluigi.

Waluigi: Hey why can't I jump high curse you cheater.

Waluigi pulls out some Bombs and throws them at Papyrus who gets hit by them and flies back. Waluigi then begins lobbing tennis balls at Papyrus who knocks them back with his Bones.

Papyrus: Take this.

Papyrus then uses his "Absolutely Normal Attack" which starts attacking Waluigi's soul unknown to Waluigi. Waluigi starts spinning like a tornado causing the bones to be destroyed. Waluigi then teleports next to Papyrus and hits him in the head with his tennis racket.

Papyrus: Ow what the the Great Papyrus is harmed by a measly tennis racket unbelievable.

Waluigi then rapidly kicks Papyrus causing Papyrus to get stuck in the ground. Waluigi then throws a Liar Ball at Papyrus causing to vomit. Waluigi laughes and starts dancing around as Papyrus keeps barfing.

Waluigi: Wahaha you suck Waluigi's number one.

Waluigi's chest begins to hurt causing Waluigi to fall down in pain. Papyrus stops barfing and uses some of his gravity hax lifting Waluigi into the air like a Force choke.

Waluigi: Wah?

Waluigi is knocked around until he starts swimming and fighting back against the gravity. The gravity tries to pull Waluigi down but Waluigi manages to escape it and is pissed.

Waluigi: Waluigi gonna kill you.

Waluigi then rushes up to Papyrus and starts rapidly smacking him and stomping him into the ground causing him to get stuck. Waluigi then pulls out his Dodgeball Claws from Mario Sports Mix and fires dodgeballs at Papyrus causing Papyrus's body to explode from too much pressure.

Waluigi falls down on the ground and gets up to see a small child with a knife walk towards him with evil red eyes and a blood covered shirt.

Chara: You're next skinny.

Waluigi: WAH!


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