My Brother sucks.....


One day Asriel Dreemurr was walking with Frisk, hugging the boy close to him. Asriel Dreemurr's stomach rumbled. He could go for some of Toriel's Cinnamon/Butterscotch pie or the cheese that has been here so long it's been stuck to the table. 

Suddenly an object flew past them, Asriel instictavely grabbed Frisk like a teddie bear. The mach slowed down, revealing Vegeta.

"What kind of Alien are you?" Vegeta asked.

"I-I am not an alien." Asriel said. "You've got it all wrong!"

"LIES!" Vegeta said.

Here we goooooo!

Vegeta threw a punch at Asriel sending him back. Vegeta charged up a ki blast and fired it, Asriel dodged. Vegeta flew at Asriel. Vegeta proceeded to combo the poor goat. Vegeta knocked Asriel back. Asriel wiped his nose. There was blood all over it. Vegeta fired a Ki blast. Quickly Asriel fired a fireball. Both collided creating an explosions. Vegeta flew in the air and fired a Galick Gun. Asriel was engulfed. Vegeta flew toward Asriel and stomped on his foot. Asriel was met with a uppercut knocking him to the ground. Asriel held his bloody jaw. Asriel quickly summoned a cannon in his hands. This was the chaos buster. Asriel fired it at Vegeta. Vegeta was baldy injured. Quickly Vegeta fired multiple energy beams....only for Asriel to blast several shots from the Chaos Buster blowing them up!

Vegeta gritted his teeth, shortly before he was punched in them. The force broke his teeth. Asriel punched Vegeta's chest. Vegeta roared and kicked Asriel in the face. Asriel was given a black eye. Vegeta sorrounded himself in an aura. Asriel was met with rapid punches. Vegeta threw Asriel in the air. Right as Asriel was falling, Vegeta flew in the air and did the galick gun. 

Asriel was sent flying far, far, away. Asriel hit a moutain and collasped. Right on his face. Asriel began to shed tears. He could lose, he just couldn't. Suddenly Asriel's eyes open wide. 

Vegeta was walking off, until he heard a voice.


Vegeta was met with a punch to the face sending him flying in the air. Asriel summoned his chaos sabers and repeadedly slashed Vegeta. Vegeta exploded into a bloody mess. Vegeta fell to the ground. He was on his knees and spitting up blood. He would bite back the pain, if he had any front teeth left. It was over. Vegeta was about to die. His eyes slowly closed as he saw Asriel standing before him. 

But before Vegeta could kick the bucket, he thought about his people. 


Vegeta's hair turned yellow as he burst in an Aura.


Vegeta punched Asriel right in his face. 

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