Twilight Sparkle vs Harry Potter is a What-If? DBX battle between Twilight Sparkle of My Little Pony and Harry Potter from the Harry Potter series.


My Little Pony vs. Harry Potter. These two are the most powerful spell casters in their universes. What would happen if they faced each other. Will the Princess of Friendship defeat The Boy Who Lived. Find out NOW!!!!

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Harry was outside of Hogswort with his snowy owl on his arm. It seemed that Harry was enjoying the outside. He soon felt a breeze come in which he wanted to leave.

However a blast from the Forbidden Forest came charging towards the owl. In a flash of light, the Orange turned into an orange. It then started to fly away.

Twilight then teleported with her eyes widened.

Twilight: I am so sorry!

A blast sent her backwards, catching her off guard. Flipping over in midair, Twilight lands on her hooves, horn blazing with magical power.

Harry scowled and pointed his wand at her. Whatever excuse this purple winged unicorn had, he would to listen after he was done with her!

Here We Go!


Harry was the first to draw. With a quick wave of his wand, a barrage of spells shot forth. Twilight reacted by putting up a magical barrier, just in time for the magic bolts to disperse on contact. Her own horn flaring up brightly, she dropped her shield and ran to the side, numerous purple bolts of magic flying towards Harry.


A bolt of bright red energy shoots towards Twilight. Rather than put up a shield, Twilight teleported, disappearing in a burst of magic.

Shocked, Harry looks around when Twilight reappeared behind him, her horn fully charged. A powerful blast of magic was shot forth, colliding with Harry's back and sending him rolling over.

He was a bit slow, as Twilight swiftly teleported, the curse reducing the grass she was standing on to dust. Gripping onto his wand, Harry backed up against a tree, closing the directions that Twilight could appear.

Of course, he never expected her to teleport right above him.

Twilight Sparkle: Surprise!

Two purple hooves collided with the top of his head, forcing Harry to stumble. Before he knew what was happening, a bolt of magic caught him in the chest, winding him and making him laying him flat on his back.

Shaking off the blow, Harry waved his wand, a wave of gold and silver magic blasting out. Twilight quickly put up a barrier, the spells bouncing off it. Then he disappears.

Scratching her head, Twilight scans the area. Not knowing where her opponent was, she kept her guard up, her horn glowing brightly, ready to fire at the first sign of trouble.

Gripping his wand, Harry stealthily made it back to the edge, where Twilight was still on guard, her horn glowing and her wings flared up. Carefully, Harry walked closer, avoiding any branches or leaves that would give his position away. Once he was a few feet from where Twilight was walking, he waved his wand.

Harry: Accio Basilisk Fang!

Twilight's ear twitched. Turning to the source of the voice, she fired a powerful bolt of energy, incinerating the grass. To her surprise though, there was nothing there.

Noticing her opponent used an invisibility spell. She barely puts a shield up in time to block a colourful barrage of magic bolts and counters with her own, hitting empty air. Charging up a quick blast of magic, she shoots, hitting Harry and burning a hole in his Invisibility Cloak, knocking the Basilisk Fang out of his hand. Another bolt of magic, and the fang shatters to pieces.

Harry did have one more trick up his sleeve as he takes out his wand and begins to end the pony with one last curse.

Harry Potter: AVADA KEDAVRA!

Twilight strikes with a blast of magic, hitting Harry's wand as he waves it forward. The change in shape causes him to lose his grip, his wand falling to the ground as... an orange?

Shock struck Harry's mind as he watched his wand, roll to the ground. Before he could react, Twilight teleported in a burst of magic and reappeared behind Harry. The young wizard tried to swing with his fists, but not before a pair of hooves collided with his face, breaking his nose and shattering his glasses as Twilight bucked him with all of her might.

His vision swimming with stars, Harry tumbles down the hill, rolling to a stop in a crumpled heap.

Panting for breath, Twilight carefully ends the fight by then using a blast that turns the young man into dust. She sighed and limped down the staircase. As Harry Potter was blown away by the wind

Twilight Sparkle: Phew! Got a bit carried away there.



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