´´Los recuerdos son la esencia de alma, es lo que define a las personas, tú.....¡Tú!, acabas con el alma de miles, solo por tus propositos, pues ya no más, veras de lo que soy capaz de hacer, cuando mi odio, mi dolor y mi amor se unen en una sola acción!´´

(Memories are the essence of soul is what defines people you..... , You! end up with the soul of thousands , just for your purposes , it no longer , really what I 'm capable of do when my hatred , my pain and my love come together in one action !) Translate of the Phrase.


TOSHIKI OVERLORD , is a user of DBX , Death Battle and OMM Fanon Wiki , born in Venezuela and one of the few Spanish-speaking users of the Wiki , is known for creating crazy battles and pointless ( even for him) , currently writes Three novels, Extermination Roedor (Born hate ) , Vangukusei (Born Pain) and Venezziola (Born of love) , also writes a Fan Fics of RWBY in Wattap , his novels speak things like politics and religion , some characters or better said beta versions of these characters appeared in DBFW ( Merle for example), also they appear in the future on this page , but in terms of battles , well if they thought Ultron vs Beacon Academy does not make sense , do not know what awaits them .

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