Interlude Edit

lol shit bout ta get fukd up

Battle Edit

One day in chat, StarfoxSonicFan, the sexiest fucker alive, was playing truth or dare with some friends.

He was playing with Quauntonaut, a young fighter with MLG Meme powers, and TendoTheGamer, a gamer with lots of gaming powers.

Star said that he thought all anime was fucking weeaboo trash, and everyone nodded their head in agreement.

Quaunt decided he was bored and so he asked Star, "Bruh u gay."

Star was fucking sick of this shitty meme so he said, "Fuck off Spongecock Squarepants."

Tendo then said, "Ay Star don't be a StarcockSonicFan."

Quaunt was like, "Ay Tendo we're jus jokin brah."

But Star said, "Shut up bitch, this isn't joking around."

Tendo gulped




Quaunt grabbed his one and only friend, Saikou the Lewd King, and he prepared for battle.

Tendo teamed up with GalacticAttorney and got into a fighting stance.

Star grabbed Pikart (No one else lololol) and got ready.

"U reddy fuckers."

"O shit waddup."

"Fuckin meme weebs."


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