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Space ghsot vs superman

Description Edit

space ghost takes on superman in what is sure to be the biggest battle ever!

pre fight Edit

space ghost is seen flying in his phantom cruiser he is enjoying the view when he get's a message

jace's voice: calling jace to space ghost jace to space ghost please respond space ghost: space ghost here go ahead

jace's voice: there is a guy in blue and red trying to get to us please help space ghost: hang on jace i will be right

over space ghost then rushes over in his phantom cruiser he then sees the man using his laser version on jace and

jan space ghost then rushes over superman: hmm looks like you are planning something space ghost: yes and i need

you to step away from the kids they belong to me superman: look i am am a man of many things but these two are

villains they wanna pollute space space ghost: look here mister i don;t like you accusing my partners now go on and

leave superman: no space ghost: have it your way then

here we go!!! Edit

space ghost blasts superman with his sun gauntlet but superman counters with his heat vision space ghost is

knocked back a bit but flies right into superman and knocks him into a planet space ghost then jumps on him and

punches his face back and forth but is then thrown off and superman goes to finish him off but space ghost uses his

invisibility to cloak himself space ghost: try to find me now superman uses his x-ray vision and finds him and uses his

ice breath to freeze superman: looks like i just did superman then uses his heat vision to melt him but space ghost

then breaks out and punches superman in the face space ghost the flies off superman: guess he couldn't handle a

challenge suddenly space ghost fires a big laser at superman from his phantom cruiser superman is knocked off

course and sent hurdling through space space ghost then appears space ghost: no just wanted to get a good view for

a surprise attack superman: clever man superman and space ghost then engage in a fist fight and each one get's a

few hits space ghost then punches superman in the chest and then throws him into a an asteroid space ghost then

puts his two fists in a hammer position and hammers down on superman space ghost: looks like you couldn'y handle a

challenge just then superman comes flying out an launches space ghost at the moon luckily there was no damage to

it space ghsot: you seem stronger then i thought superman: thanks space ghost: but there is one way to stop you

space ghost then holds out some kryptonite superman: *gasp* kryptonite! space ghost: how you may ask it's simple

while i was on the phantom cruiser i did a little research seems you kryptonians are weak against this stuff and i am

sorry to say that our battle ends here with that space ghost stabs superman with the kryptonite and kills him blood

flowing everywhere jace: wow space ghost is he? space ghost: yeah i had no other choice jace: i see space ghost i

must say he put up a good fight space ghost: yes i fear there are more of him so we best be on our guard jace: right


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