Skarlet v shiro


Description Edit

NO RULES! JUST BLOODSHED! Mortal Kombat Vs Deadman Wonderland. Two blood-warriors will duke it out to the death! Will Skarlet Finish Shiro! Or will Shiro kill Skarlet?

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DBX Edit

Skarlet finds herself in a Carnival of Corpses getting ready for a cage match. Suddenly Shiro stumbles into the cage.

Skarlet: Prepare to die!


Shiro runs at Skarlet with a kick, but Skarlet grabs her and throws her to the other side of the battlefield. Skarlet then proceeded to throw three daggers at Shiro. Shiro manages to dodge two of them, but the third one manages to stab her in the leg!

Shiro: Ouch!

Shiro pulls out the dagger from her leg, after-which the wound healed. Shiro then blasted Skarlet with a blast from her Branch of Sin! Skarlet dodges it by teleporting with her blood powers! She re-appeared above Shiro and landed a stab in her back! Shiro knocks Skarlet back, and takes out the dagger in her back! Shiro then blacks out, allowing the personality of Wretched Egg to awake!

Shiro(Wretched Egg): Ksha!

Wretched Egg Kicks Skarlet, sending her flying to the border of the cage! Skarlet gets up, only to be hit again by Wretched Egg with a powerful punch. Wretched Egg blasts Skarlet with her blood. Skarlet teleports away. Wretched Egg starts looking for her, but Skarlet re-appears in front of her and hits Wretched Egg straight to the nose causing her skull to crack, then she stabs her left eye with the heel of her boot!

Shiro(Wretched Egg):I'm used to this pain!

Wretched Egg causes a huge blasts which sends Skarlet flying up! Wretched Egg then jumps up and kicks Skarlet back to the ground! W. E. then tries to land a stomp on a now fallen Skarlet, but Skarlet rolls out of the way! W.E. then blasts the ground to cause a massive earthquake! Skarlet starts stumbling, but she manages to pull-off a blood slide to get close enough to W. E. after-which she uses one of her daggers to do a massive cut to W. E.'s chest! Wretched Egg blasts Skarlet away as she starts healing. Wretched Egg then starts charging her Branch of Sin to make a massive explosion! Skarlet sees this, so she starts running towards W.E. and then teleports above W.E. and she too starts charging an enhanced blood attack!

Shiro(W.E.)/Skarlet: AAHHHHHH!

Their two blood attacks collide causing a huge explosion! The screen goes blank. When the scenery returns, it reveals nothing but a destroyed battlefield! Both Shiro(W.E.) and Skarlet were killed in the blast.


Results Edit

This fight is a DRAW!

(created by Keranigma)

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