Segata Sanshiro vs Pepsi Man


Sega VS Pepsi! Japan's weirdest ad campaigns fight to the finish!


Tokyo, Japan

A young man was sitting in his room, playing his favorite game console, the Nintendo 64. Suddenly, he heard a crash from behind him.

Segata Sanshiro had crashed into his room.

Segata Sanshiro's Theme

"Segata Sanshiro!" the teen shouted in fear.

Segata flipped the boy over his shoulder. The young man's scream was heard far and wide...

One man heard it, and thinking that all screams for help in this weird town meant only one thing, went running off towards it.

"Sega Saturn Shiro!" Segata shouted, holding out a Sega Saturn. Suddenly...

Pepsi Man Theme

Pepsi Man made a different hole in the wall entering.

Segata assumed that the soft drink hero was there to stop him from promoting his game system.

"Sega Saturn Shiro!" Segata shouted at Pepsi Man, and took a fighting stance.

Pepsi Man realized he was gonna have to fight and readied his own fists

Cue Tekken 7-Jungle Outpost

Hero we go!Edit

Segata and Pepsi Man both threw punches, causing a small shockwave when their fists collided. Segata grabbed Pepsi Man and threw him at the wall, making a third whole in the wall as he did so. After Segata ran out, creating a fourth hole, the entire wall collapsed.

Pepsi Man landed on the side of the road. He stood up to see Segata running towards him. Segata landed a kick in Pepsi Man's chest. Pepsi Man punched Segata in the face and elbowed him in the gut. He then headbutted the judo master, sending him stumbling backwards into the street.


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