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Scarlet spider vs cat noir

cat vs spider

description Edit

it's cat vs spider as scarlet spider goes to france for a vacation but he get's more then he bargained for with

cat noir

prefight Edit

scarlet spider was swinging around the city this was no ordinary city this was paris france he figured he.

could use a vacation after all spiderman got a vacation suddenly he got caught the eye of a certain.

someone a certain someone named cat noir.

scarlet: hey you there know a place where i can get some good pastries.

cat noir: why yes right over there at the bakery you mus be a tourist right.

scarlet: yeah i am here on vacation.

cat noir: oh cool cool although why are you wearing that costume.

scarlet spider: well not to brag but i am a superhero the scarlet spider they call me.

cat noir: *starts laughing* oh that is priceless you look like a copy of spiderman.

scarlet: hey i am not a copy i was simply inspired!

cat noir: right like i would believe that!

scarlet: that's alot of talk coming form a guy in a leather cat suit.

cat noir: hey my father gave this to me!

scarlet: then i guess your father is into alot of weird stuff.

cat noir: alright that's it you wanna fight you got it! *get's into a fighting stance*

scarlet: alright then cat boy givem e your best shot.

here we go!!! Edit

scarlet spider then jumped at cat noir and flung some webs at him cat noir just clawed them away

scarlet: uh oh this doesn't looks good

cat noir: you got that right bucko

cat noir the slashed at scarlet spider luckily he dodged all of them scarlet then grabbed cat noir with his

webs surprising cat noir and he then threw him at a wall he was bruised a bit especially since he went

across a sharp edge making him feel pain a bit

scarlet: huh not so tough are you?

cat noir: shut up

cat noir then got out his bow staff

scarlet: you call me a copy how do you explain that gambit style bow staff?

cat noir: hey! i did not copy him i was just inspired

scralet: that's what i said about spiderman i mean seariously why do people...

that was all he could say as cat noir then hit him in the head with his bowstaff into a building

scarlet: you sneaky little scamp you got me monolouging *he webswings into cat noir but cat noir claws at

his arm making him feel it cause scarlet spider was bleeding

scarlet; okay now i'm mad!

he said as he webs his cut

cat noir: bring it!

the two charged at each other each colliding back and forth suddenly scarlet paused the fight

scarlet: this is getting us nowhere

cat noir: i agree i say you surrender

scarlet: and throw in the towel no way!

cat noir: well how do you suppose we end this?

scarlet: like this

with that scarlet spider then web a giant building point and it fell towards cat noir scarlet dodged out of the


cat noir: aw crap tell ladybug i love her!

that was the last words he could say as cat noir was stabbed and killed in an istant as he lay there bleeding

scarlet: well that guy put up a fight i just hope spidey doesn't find out


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