Battle of lazy beings who set traps and have weird families.


One day Kevin Mcclallister was sitting on the floor watching TV. It was rated R but since he was home alone, he would be able to watch it, I bet he had you-know-what-on-his computer. His stomach growled. He was hungry. Very hungry. He decided to order pizza on the phone. 

"Hello, I would like one plain pizza pie." Kevin said in his manliest voice. He looked at his savings and found out that he had no money. So it's time to do "the prank". Kevin waited for his doorbell ring and looked out the window and saw the pizza man. He increased the volume on his TV to 100% for the pizza man to hear.

"I'll give you 10 seconds to get your ugleh yellah no good keistah of my property before I pump ya guts full of lead." the ganster on the TV said.


The pizza man ran away, thinking he was next. Kevin looked at what the pizza man left. A pizza box. The pizza man couldn't carry it when running. He picked up the pizza. He should eat with it hot. Suddenly he heard footsteps. He looked out the window, it might be Harry and Marv coming to rob his house. His parents aren't coming home anytime soon. 

But it wasn't Harry and Marv at all, as they where in prison. It where 2 skeletons. One skinny and tall, one chubby and short. Those where Sans and Papyrus. They rung the doorbell. Kevin answered the door. 

"Who the hell are you?" Kevin asked.

"i'm sans, sans the skeleton and this is my brother, Papyrus." Sans said.

"Look Sans a human!" Papyrus said.  "Let's capture him"

"What?!" Kevin said.

"Just follow us human!"Papyrus said

"NO!" Kevin said. "Leave me alone you pedophile! Your brother is a fatass!"

Here we gooooooooo!

Kevin's SOUL was prepared for battle.

  • Fight  *Act  *Talk  *Mercy

Of course fight!

Kevin chose Fight!

He swung his snow shovel, creating a small energy wave. Sans quickly teleported away. Papyrus punched Kevin. The force was strong enough to send him flying across the room. Kevin got up. Kevin was sorrounded with bones and Papyrus threw them at Kevin. Kevin was injured.

"Here is a puzzle!" Papyrus said. Papyrus spawned multiple bones everywhere. Kevin jumped over the bones and kicked Papyrus in face . Papyrus used his gravity levitation to uppercut Kevin sending him flying. Kevin threw a brick at Papyrus. This brought Kevin enough time to swing his shovel. The attack hit Papyrus.

Suddenly Papyrus surrounded Kevin with blue bones. He threw them at Kevin. Kevin tried to dodge but was hit. Kevin still had a last resort.

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