These are they rules for both chat and the wiki follow them and you will be able to enjoy this community to its fullest.


1. Be respectful of other people's opinions and fights.

2. No racist comments or slurs, and no use of the word "nigga"

3. No spamming in the comments, chat, or otherwise.

4. No linking to sites of inappropriate videos or pictures such as porn.

5. Swearing is allowed but it has be kept at a minimum.

6. Only one page per fight, if you want to make your own version of one do it in a blog or tabber so we don't get millions of one fight.

7. No fight scalping. A user can have a limit of 15 incomplete fights. Before they can claim a new battle they have to finish one of the 15.

8. No disrespect towards a user or admin is allowed if disrespect is shown it will lead to a 2 week ban.

9. No sexual topics can be mentioned in chat outside of PM if the other user is uncomfortable about it. Innuendos are OK as long as they are somewhat subtle.

10. Chat Hunger Games will be allowed, just make sure you don't spam it and wait 2 minutes for everyone to get a breathe of fresh air.

11. If a admin finds out you are talking smack about a user in PM it will lead to a 1 week ban.

12. No comments saying <insert character here> stomps/wins with easy, and no comments explaining who you think would win or should have won. These fights have NO RESEARCH so please do not load this in the comments.

13. No arguments about ships, (example ship made by Tierhalible on the Death Battle Fanon wiki) lets say for an example if someone ships (my waifu) Yang Xiao Long with Ben Tennyson they cannot force others to ship that ship.  But the user cannot say disrespectful things about that ship where they user can see them like (just an example) "OH GOD NO THAT IS THE WORST SHIP EVER! I WOULD RATHER DIE THAN SEE THAT SHIPPED!" And the same goes for waifus and husbandos.

14. AWCs are allowed on the wiki, but the rule will be canceled if things get out of hand, but I recommend making an account so no one claims your fight.

15. NO SPITE FIGHTS!!! I know we used to do that with TeenGohanFighter as big of a dick he was, but there is no reason to do that with anyone or anything on an actual page. And because of that, we will not allow any spite fights, lets say for say. I am mad at Waluigi because he beat Papyrus in a battle by Uk Kook. I am not allowed to make something like Waluigi vs Doomsday and have Doomsday kill Waluigi in one hit. A similar incident happened on the Death Battle Fanon wiki and I will not be happy to see spite fights here, while I can think of a few that consist outside of blogs. If you have a spite fight, keep it on a blog.

16. No Redux's of official DBXs. Whenever somebody does this, 9 times out of 10 they are doing this just to make their preferred character win, I.e. Saitama VS Kenshiro, Jotaro VS Yu, Trish VS Jeanne, etc. If one of your fights eventually becomes a real battle done by the show, it will stay. However, if you make one AFTER it's been done as a DBX, It will be deleted.

17. Real Life combatants are NOT permitted, however personas such as professional wrestlers (WWE, TNA, WCPW, New Japan, etc) and YouTube personalities are allowed.

18. OCs and users are allowed in battles (provided you are given permission by the creator), though these battles much be kept in a blog.

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