Rufus VS Bob is the 4th episode of DBZGUY x3's What-If? Death Battle X's


The fattest rivalry in fighting game history finally ends in a no-holds-barred exhibition match! No rules! No analysis! Just bloodshed!


No Rules

Just Blooshed



Bob is seen walking in a park in the morning and suddenly sees Rufus walking towards him, screaming

Rufus: KEEEEEEEN MASSSSSSTEEEEERRRRS! (Breathes heavily) So blondie, tryna' be more like me eh? (Inaudible dialogue).

Bob: Who are you?

Rufus: (Surprised) Huh? That's it man every time! You've made fun of me, now you're about to reap whatcha' sown! (More Inaudible dialogue)

Bob: I dunno who you are but this could make an interesting fight.

Rufus: Time to finish ya off! Hwaaaah! (Does his fighting stance)