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RWBY vs Fire Emblem! The battle of sisters vs sisters! Who will win?!


Who are you rooting for?

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(*Insert: Fire Emblem Fates OST - Road Taken (Calm)*)

Corrin and her army had just set up camp in a deep forest. She and her adoptive older sister, Camilla were in charge of night watch. Making sure to keep out intruders or thieves. All was quiet until...


The loud noise had startled a pack of birds and neary made Corrin jump out of her skin. She turns to her sister, who had a serious look on her face. The two nod and head in the direction of the sound.


A black bear like monster with spikes protruding from it's back fell to the ground. It was dead. Ruby Rose, the one who had slayne the beast, stood proud.

???: Good job, sis!

A blonde girl who stood taller than Ruby came up and patted the red and black haired girl on the back. This was Yang Xiao Long, Ruby's older half sister.

Ruby: Thanks, Yang. Was that the last one?"

Yang: Yeah, I think so.

The girls look around, in case they may have missed any Grimm. When everything checked out, the two decided to find their teammates. But as they walked away, some nearby bushes rustled. Ruby and Yang stop and turn to said bush.

Then, the bush was cut in half by a tall woman who had violet hair who wielded a large axe. With her was a young adult who was noticeably younger and barely shorter than the axe-wielder. Her hair was a sort of platinum blonde.

Corrin: Who are you two? And what are you here for?

Ruby: Oh, well I'm Ruby and this is my sister Yang. We're just looking for our friends. We'll just be on our way.

Corrin looked around at the destroyed trees and dead Grimm until she came to a conclusion. She turns and whispers to Camilla. She nods and readys her ax. Corrin pulls out her sword.

(*Insert: Black Rock Shooter - Battle of BRS*)

Corrin: I'm sorry, but we must take you in for questioning.

Ruby's eyes widen with shock. Yang scowls and readys her gauntlets, the Ember Celica, and takes a fighting pose.

Yang: Ruby, I don't think we're getting out of this without a fight.

Ruby grumbles and takes a fighting pose herself. The four girls eye each other down before advancing toward their adversaries.

Ruby uses her speed semblance to ram herself into Corrin, sending the two flying away from their sisters. Camilla swings her ax forward, only for Yang to dodge the attack. The blonde then unleashed several punches onto her opponent, each hitting their mark.

But before she can land another hit, Camilla blocks the attack with the side of her weapon and kicks Yang in her stomach hard enough to send her skidding backwards. The blonde holds her stomach for a moment before receiving several slash attacks from her adversary.The purple haired princess kicks Yang into a tree and swings her axe forward, aiming for the blonde's head. Yang grunts and quickly grabs the blade with both hands.

Yang: What the heck is wrong with you?! DIdn't your friend say you wanted us taken in?!

Camilla: Yes, however, dear Corrin didn't say anything about letting you BOTH live. Now stop struggling and I'll make this quick and painless.

The two are at odds. Neither is able to gain a significant advantage. But Yang quickly turns the blade to her left and side steps to the right, making Camilla tumble forward into the tree.


The princess tumbles and accidentally runs face first into the tree. She stands up and holds her head as stars swirl around it. Yang takes the opportunity to land several punches. She lands just about all of them and finishes her combo by punching Camilla in her chest then firing one of her shells into the Nohrian princess, sending her crashing through several trees and into a large rock.

The blonde sighs before turning to go find her sister. But when she did, Yang felt a hand on her shoulder and a wave of dark aura surrounded her, followed by an intense pain. The blonde brawler screams in pain when she looks over her shoulder to find her purple haired adversary, now holding a book in her free hand and wearing a cocky and almost sadistic smile.

(*Insert: Glitchtale OST - The Undying *)

Acting out of instinct, Yang reels her elbow back before slamming it into Camilla's stomach. She repeats this three more times before her captor releases her grip. The blonde grits her teeth before firing off several shotgun shells at her opponent, to which Camilla dodges said blasts. Though she eventually gets hit by two of the blasts.

The Nohr princess groans and swaps books, now holding an Arcfire spell book. She smiles and shoots off two small fireballs, one countering one of Yang's shotgun blasts, making way for the other to travel toward the blonde brawler. The blonde blocks the attack, which sends her skidding backward. Yang looks through the smoke, only to met with another fire blast.

Yang growls in anger as she takes the attack before noticing a large boulder. She quickly rolls behind as more fireballs fly past. Camilla eventually stops and waits for the smoke to clear. When it does, her blonde opponent is gone. She raises an eyebrow and walks over to where she had fired her... fire and looks around, on guard and careful.


  • If Ruby & Yang win
  • If Corrin & Camilla win