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quickman vs the flash gajeel vs ban
Riza hawkeye vs missaka ackerman

description Edit

two commanding girls with big abs and over chins battle it out...and that is it

pre fight Edit

riza hawkeye is seen commanding her army into battle but then missaka comes in and defeats them riza:

hey what gives!? you just laid waster to my army mikasa: well i had to it was my duty that and you cost my

titan kill riza: so? mikasa: so you don;t do that riza: well either you leave or i will make you mikasa: i got a

better idea how about we fight? riza: good idea *both get in fighitng stances

here we go! Edit

riza then get's out her guns and fires but mikasa blocks with her sword riza is impressed but keeps going

they then trade blows as non are landing mikasa then slashes at riza giving her a little bleeding scratch

riza: dang you! riza shoots like crazy at mikasa blocks some of them but one lands on her arm mikasa: gah!

riza: hmm gotcha! mikasa: oh yeah? not for long! mikasa then unleahses her titan form and stomps at riza

riza: oh my this otta be good the titan then grabs her and throws her riza reataliates to gunplay as she

shoots at the titan mikasa but to no avail riza: dang it i need better guns she then sees a big gun and is

about to shoot it but he is too late as the titan mikasa then attacks the building riza then runs trying to

survive the attack riza: (to herself) man this thing sticks like glue suddenly misaka then turns back as she

leaps through the building misaka: huh your pretty tough but i am tougher riza: oh yeah riza then kicks

misaka in the face and bleeds from the right side of her mouth misaka: dang it! your gonna pay for that!

riza: then you better catch me riza then leaps and runs off misaka then enraged slashes everywhere trying

to get her riza; bingo riza then shoots misaka in the back then finishes off with with a kick to the head but

misaka senses it and knocks her off her feet riza: dang she is good misaka: and i am much more suddenly

misaka then slices off one of riza's arms as she screams in pain riza: ahh my arm! misaka: my guess it that

you don't heal at all misaka then finishes the fight as she slashes riza to bit misaka: yep i was right riza's

body then falls to the ground as blood drizzles everywhere like a cow that's been butchered for meat


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