Riolu-San is the all, mighty founder of this Fanon wiki who is constantly fan-boying over Most Nintendo Series, Puella Magi Madoka Magika, Undertale, and Fairy Tail. He also is known for having his own sprite and leading a squad of fictional characters known as the Riolu Squad. Please note, HE IS NOT AN ACTUAL RIOLU OUTSIDE OF POKEMON MYSTERY DUNGEON!!!

Fights So Far Edit

Possible Opponents Edit

  • Galactic Attorney
  • MagicRock
  • Quantonaut
  • Arigamy
  • BakaLord
  • ArachnoGia
  • Stereotypical Fans
  • Undertale Downplayers
  • Kyuubey
  • Sonic OC Fanon Wiki
  • The One Above All
  • The Presence
  • FNAF Wankers
  • Chuck Norris
  • Memed Obama
  • Saitama
  • Christianthepupbot
  • MickySR2112

Feats Edit

  • Solo'd DBZ, Archie Sonic, Pokemon, Digimon, Paper Mario, Earthbound, and Undertale Verses With ease before getting forced to reset everything by Madoka
  • Countered Saitama's One Punch
  • Able to Create OCs just by think of them
  • Scares Superman because of immense power
  • Became Omnipotent after founding this wiki

Faults Edit

  • Has terrible aim
  • Gets owned by anything Thet related
  • Never won a Hunger Games... ever
  • His amiibo are superior to him

Gallery Edit

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