A Battle of DBF Users collide in this Overly Dramatic Battle Royale! Rex vs Masta vs Afro! Who shall win? Who shall fall? Or shall they all become Nakama? RoaringRexe, MasterChief2003, and Afroapproved all clash in this Battle of Users!


The Ultimate Battle Royale of DBF Users now reaches its logical conclusion in THIS DBX!

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No Rules! Just Bloodshed! Nakama!



DBF Wiki Chat Room, FllFlourine's Desktop

The Wiki Chat was empty. Everyone was fast asleep, tucking away to their beds and some good ol Cartoon Fight Club. One was named Masta, better known nowadays as "Trashta", a young brunette with a striped lime and cream colored striped t-shirt, brown pants, and tan shoes. They also wore a cute, vacant smile that gave the demeanor of innocence.

Another was TheRoaringRex, far from his existence in the past as a talking T-Rex who wrote babbles for fun, he now turned into his true form, a pillow with the full body of Esdeath on it. Unusually, he appeared just like their waifu, but he's a pillow.

The last, but not least was Afroapproved. He looked like a student, with a huge brown afro and constantly closed eyes that would remind the viewer of a certain someone...

There he is!

After a bit of silence, Rex was the first one to type a message in.

(Cue Mick Gordon - Inferno Cinder's Theme)

TheRoaringRex: (Frisk)

Frisk Render By Skodwarde

(Cue All Versions of Megalovania Layered, play simultaneously with previous song)

TrashtaChief2003: mmm, its about to be-*nuked* in *blown up*

TrashtaChief2003: hi guys, rex truth or dare

TheRoaringRex: Dare.

(Cue Waluigi Pinball, play simultaneously with previous songs)

Afroapproved: no i want to dare. I have turtles! no one rejects THE TURTLES!

TheRoaringRex: wait your turn!

Afroapproved: Rex, ITS TIME TO STOP!

TrashtaChief2003: Afro x Rex is my OTP confirmed!

Both Rex and Afro: Fuk you Trash!

TrashtaChief2003: mmmm, so much shipping. i dare you to fite!

Afroapproved: yare yare daze

(Keep playing those previous 3 songs, but with less volume. Background Noise people!)

(Cue Drool of Fats)

All 3 of their avatars suddenly burst forth from their portraits. Esdeath even jumped out of her body pillow and assumed a combat posture, complete with sniper rifle, sword, on the top of the Chat Window. Afro pulled some TNT nukes from out of his back as well as his Pet Turtles, now turned into Teenage Mutant Pet Ninja Turtles, complete with wings and LASER KATANAS. Masta simply pulled out a huge, red knife that looked more like a sword.


TrashtaChief2003: So, as I pray... Unlimited Lewd Works!

Masta unleashed a huge barrage of his waifus and their clones at both of them but it was no use as they all missed. It was even worse than at the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy! This was a disaster for him! Unlimited Lewd Works didn't work like it should've did! Maybe he did something wrong! Afterall, The Lewd King made it! It would overlewd anyone in the user's Waifu Storm, he stated himself and he even saw it in action! It even made Deadeye jealous!

TheRoaringRex: Yo dawg I thought u were on meme team

TrashtaChief2003: nope.avi

TheRoaringRex hits Masta with a sword swing that slices through the chat window! It crashes, but against Masta? It was not that effective...

(Background Noise throughout the entire rest of the Battle)

-100 HP


Suddenly, Afro quickscoped both of them within a fraction of second of Rex trying to cleave through Masta!

-900 HP -900 HP


It looked as if this was a fight not to kill, but to "outlast" each other. Masta tried hitting Afro with his knife, but then turned repetitive with it as he hawtly repeatedly stabs both of his opponents over and over and over and over, and it was kicking up dust on Fll's monitor! Impossible? Maybe, but for them, they do the impossible see the invisible everyday! Every hour! Every minute! Every SECOND THEY WERE DOING THE IMPOSSIBLE AND BREAKING THE RULES OF LOGIC! Logic was a plaything for them!

-999999999999999 HP against both of them


The situation was getting INTENSE. The mere suspense would literally kill any normal person, but they were far from normal, as Rex proved by turning his pillow into...


His Stand is unleashed! It begins to punch Trashta for being garbage tier! The barrages of punches accumulated into a browser, program crashing array, Flourine is left completely in shock as their computer is acting so random with these 3 random guys that broke out of the chat box portraits!



The Dust Cleared...

Nothing happened to him! Zero! Absolutely Nothing! No Sold! The End! Or is it? Rex then literally threw what remained of the chat window at Afro, sending him into a wall (screw physics), but Afro was moonwalking, and thus dodged it with ease. It wasn't that effective, as Pillow Man gets disintegrated by Afro's "Sudden Ray Gun", evaporating him from the fabric of the world wide web.

Trashta began to transform!

Afroapproved: not so fast!

Afro also initiated transformation! He turned into...

DOODLEBOB! (Pencils and Erasers sold separately)

But with the power of Solo, Afro pulled out his own pencil and eraser, and began charging at Trash! He threw a Pokeball at him, unleashing the full power of Giratina, the (not so) strongest Poke and Digimon! But clearly, twas not enough.

Instantly, all 3 warped to the Labyrinth of the Worldwide Web! All in the same location, but a fair distance from each other, along side their companions such as Afro's Ninja Turtles and Giratina Unleashed....

All of the Ninja Turtles began charging at Trashta, Laser Katanas out and ready, but Trashta simply whizzed his knife through the air and suddenly all of them are cut in half, but just as sudden as they were bisected, they come back together, good as new. They continue charging at him as Giratina began to digivolve.


Afro's Giratina evolved into ZeedGiratinannmon! The Verse Soloing Digipoke!

Trashta quickly hid behind a statue of Madokami to asspull some Pokeballs of his own

TheRoaringRex summoned an endless army of Meta Knights with Chaos Sabers to combat the Ninja Turtles, in spite of them dying one by one to the Laser Katanas. They clash with Afro's "army", as well as Zeed, keeping Afro busy for the time being, even though he was teleporting around.

TrashtaChief2003: I AM A SANSATION!

With that being said, 3 clones of Sans emerged from the floor, and they began... dancing!? With every movement they took, bones sprouted wherever Afro and Rex were standing, forcing them to think on their feet and dodge accordingly, which became increasingly difficult, especially as the Gasterblasters were added in. The power of the blasts was easily evident by how they managed to blow through firewalls without any trouble.


Trashta swings his sword at Rex, but Rex dodges!

Rex fires thousands of bullets within the timeframe of seconds at Trashta in return fire!


No Sold! This requires tougher attacks, and Rex used his next attack: ONE PUNCH. He punches Trashta in the face, but once again, nothing happened, as a bone erupted from the ground, nearly striking him. But then! Afro appeared from the shadows, with a butterfly knife in hand, backstabbing Masta! But nothing happened, for the knife fell apart like it was... a razorback.

Time appeared to slow down to the slowest of crawls.

Rex unleashed his own stand! Dank Esdeath; for it looked just like his physical form for the fight. Together, they began to blitz Masta from all directions! But nothing was happening to him, for he was dodging all of them somehow. Was this hax? It pretty much was, except Masta was summoning a dozen Charizards with guns and missiles and lasers on them, all accompanying the trio of Sans'. Afro had enough, nuking the battlefield and erasing them all from the Internets. But Dank-Esdeath was still there, and so was Zeed and the Ninja Turtles.

Time returns to normal.

Trashta instantly turned around and opened fire with an SMG. Afro dodged all of the bullets, and tried to bisect him with a sudden Lightsaber, with ZeedGiratinannmon firing some paradox blasts into Trashta, but Trashta dodged them.

TrashtaChief2003: Wat, u think im just gonna stand there and take it?

Afroapproved: yes

TrashtaChief2003: Ur gonna have a BAD TOM!
He said as Tom the Cat himself leaped from the back of Trashta somehow. This was akin to an asspull from the likes of Tite Kubo, but even worse. Afro instantly creates a Black Hole that was somehow a cube and it sucks in the cat and the entire battlefield, leaving nothing but an empty void.


The sound of electric static sounded throughout the battlefield.

The Field distorts itself, turning into... Final Destination?

(Cue Power of NEO - Ikarus Remix)

Trashta underwent his next transformation into... TRASHTA NEO! He begins to fly into the background and firing swarms of real knives!


Each knife shattered the grass and the fields, sending them into the abyss. Rex charged at Trashta, Afro following Rex with all guns blazing, alongside Zeed and the Ninja Turtles, dodging all of them or just slashing them out of the way. Meteors were raining down on them, but none of the on screen combatants seemed to care about the condition of the current website, as it was being DOS'ed and Virus'ed in spite of it. All they were focused on right now was the fight directly in front of them and that was all that mattered at the immense moment. He continued firing as Afro himself was pulling something out of his back, using Trashta's own tactics as well as Rex's all the while shooting guns omnidirectionally.


Afro grabbed popcorn, but this was no normal popcorn. They were popcorn grenades, and he was using them just like that. Rex and Trashta however, bank left and right respectively, as the Ninja Turtles and Zeed slam into a cliff. Afro narrowly escaped by flying sharply upward and hurled two guided missiles at both Masta and RoaringRex.

Unfortunately, Real Knives struck them, sending them into the bottomless pit below. Soon after, the NInja Turtles and Zeed somehow flew without jet packs and they were chasing Afro?!?


Afroapproved: topkek

And with that, he quickly pulled out a M200 Intervention that had a sticky tag saying "NO" taped onto the scope. In just seconds, he shot all of the Ninja Turtles and Zeed itself into the abyss below. Their screams can still be heard even as they get deleted by the Anti Virus that was being possessed.

Speaking of Anti Virus...

3 Finger Guns popped out of nowhere to shoot down the 3 users, however, all 3 of them backhanded and bitchslapped the finger guns, and they blew up. The Anti Virus failed. But then, just as a huge crack tore open in the fabric of the website itself, Gabe Newell suddenly came down from the heavens of the WWW, and as he descends, all time stops. Rex and Afro were frozen in motion, but Trashta was not.

Gabe Newell: Thanks, and have fun. Half Life 3.

TrashtaChief2003: i guess so. thanks.

Trashta had NEWFOUND, and SUDDEN Moderator Privileages! He now has the upper hand!

Time resumed as Gabe teleported away in an MLG Streaked Trail. Afro and Rex very, very soon realized that they are now facing against a Moderator. This mean't they had to team up against him iff they even had a remote chance of winning.

TheRoaringRex: team? i'll let you join team lewd

Afroapproved: nah but we gotta team to beat dis dude

Afroapproved and RoaringRex pulled out shields to block Masta's Banhammer. While it obviously wouldn't be enough for the likes of Trashta NEO-MOD, it will still offer one time protection. They also both got out a bajillion poke-digiballs and summoned OP Monster 23, and there's endless numbers of them!

Trashta swung his hammer once.

All of them got banned from the website, as they get sucked into a portal to another website. Hopefully a safe one according to Gaben.

Afro summons two more of his ninja turtle warriors, this time ones that will not betray him. Dirt and Soil. Originally known as "Chara and Frisk", but changed at Trashta's request.

Rex and Afro slam together their respective weapons, Pencils, Guns, Swords, Pillows, turning it into a gigantic, blue and white beam of digital energy hurtling towards Masta. But Masta used his secret technique, so mysterious and shrouded in secrecy that no user ever has known of it. It was...

The Absolutely Normal Beam. He fires it at his maximum, complete and imbued with the powers of Moderator Privileages out of nowhere and the Banhammer's immense power. But just as the beams collided, suddenly, Chuck Norris popped in between both of them.

But as the Absolutely Normal Beam hit Chuck, the chatfeed could read with this:

Chuck Norris left the game (Banned by TrashtaChief2003)

The beams collided, causing a cataclysm in the very website itself. Even though it was one of the most stable of the realms in the World Wide Web Multiverse, it was falling apart very rapidly due to the cracks shooting out throughout it, shattering even it's durable firewall due to the amount of swag exploding from the epicenter of the beams clashing. Each beam would gain power over the other, but never truly overpower them.


TrashtaChief2003: yay i have moderator powers

The Absolutely Normal Beam however, had finally begun to overpower their beam after several minutes of an anticlimatic standstill. However, the collateral damage was evident, as the firewall was easily damaged beyond any repair. The URL was broken, and viruses were flooding into the site. It was now or never, escape or getting infected. The beam then blows through the Combined Beam, but Afro and Rex managed to dodge it.

Afroapproved: lol roaringrex you think we were allied?

TheRoaringRex: nop

Afro suddenly threw a fist from his doodly fist, which Rex was easily able to dodge. He responds with several quick gunshots in his direction, all of which Afro erased with his pencil, charging with it as if it was a spear, thrusting it towards his neck, only for him to duck. He then lunges several times in rapid succession, however, Rex appeared to be intangible, said erasures seeming to phase through him. Rex then punched Afro in the nose, which forced all 3 of them into another realm.

(Cue Mortal Kombat Theme)

They were in a new website. But this one seemed to be out of the mainstream internet itself. It looked as if it was a battle arena... for internet users to use their self inserts to inflate their ego by fighting each other with as godmoddy items as they can. Rex took this advantage immediately, vaulting to a ledge which contained a "Star-Omega Nova Cannon", and fired it, sending a huge 5 pointed star towards Masta. It was even homing in on him, but Masta absentmindedly swings his banhammer, and accidentally bans the star. Afro was not amused, sending Dirt and Soil at Masta to distract him. Masta tries to ban them, but they appeared to be immune to banning! However, Masta simply casts him aside with his REALITY WARPING MAGIC, knocking them out.

TheRoaringRex took a hand and put it behind his back, and it reveals...

Joker vs Sweet Tooth and the rest of Season 3 of Death Battle.

Rex then flings it to the center of the John Cena inspired ring, and it began to spring every single machine, component, weapon, robot, and what not to life. They soon all targeted Masta, but he simply presses the red button in front of them, and they were all vanished from the face of the Deep Web.


TrashtaChief2003: did you mean this button? unlimited fun time! yay!!!

Before he could press it again, Afro charged at him with a pencil in hand, erasing his hand clean off. To be specific, his right hand. As an added side effect, part of the Red Button is now erased, but now part of the website they were in is gone too. It looked as if several galaxies were wiped off of the radar. Masta then decided to open up a black hole, out popped The Morshu Nuke, which he threw at Afro out of spite.

Afro simply erased it, and began writing another Death Battle, only to be stopped by Rex's "Esdeath's Amazing Sauce of Waifu Material" sword, clashing equally with the eraser end of the Pencil, even as Afro was drawing up a literal army of Afroapproveds

TheRoaringRex: afro u fuck stealing my blog ideas

Afroapproved: I made that page long before you, kek.

Afro then immediately erased all of Rex's blog articles. He then bit his pencil in half, one to continue matching Rex with and another to write a particular memorial.

Afroapproved: In loving memory of Shrek-It-Ralph, I made this poem for you my dearest Shrek. *ahem*  Why I might not, have known you long, your now a meme, that doesn't expand dong.

TrashtaChief2003: I shower you in coconut cream pies~  

Afroapproved: THATS NOT HOW IT GOES!!  *Everyone begins singing out of place and at the end everyone says: "Maybe this will get your final Dan Hibiki win!"*

Afroapproved looked at the camera, shrugging himself. But this was life, Rex continues to grind his sword against his pencil. Both fighters appeared to be equal, as Trashta reached for the button again, Rex kicking him in the gut with his leg, sending him into the door and out into the Interstream. However, he immediately dashed right back, springing into action as he speedblitzes Afro and Rex at the same time with continous Consecutive Normal Punches Enchanced By Kamehamehas

However, Dirt and Soil soon got right back up from being knocked unconscious, and began charging with their Super Ninjatos, moving at Cyber 7000. They then hit Masta, but he simply blocks with his elbow. Rex then let go of his blade's clash with Afro and attempts going for the button, cleaving it in half.

The website is now cleaved in half, forming a clear boundary between one side and the other. One had Afro and Rex, the other had MastaChief and the two Turtle Bros.

Quickly, Rex resummonsed his Stand, Pillow Man, to barrage Afro with a couple punches. Afro simply summoned Wobbafett to tank all of the punches that could cause so much accumulative damage. Masta continued to do battle with Dirt and Soil, both sides being seemingly invulnerable to each other's attacks, until Masta suddenly pulled a box of TNT out of nowhere. It's tag read:

"9,990,000,000,000,255" Tenayottafoe of TNT

Dirt and Soil knew exactly what is going to happen. This much TNT will obliterate the whole website in one blow. Quickly, they took a black shirt which turned out to actually be another black hole, and sucked themselves in it. Masta followed as the TNT begins to go off. Seeing the explosion from afar, Rex and Afro force themselves into the Interstream, the space and time between webs in the WWW, chasing after Masta.

(Cue Guile's Theme)

However, the battle in the Interstream was not over. As Masta made his way over to whatever website they were headed towards, Afro and Rex began exchanging punches and kicks, Rex being aided by Pillow Man, Afro by his literally infinite army of clone Afroapproveds

Afroapproved: quit ripping off my shit bro

TheRoaringRex: no u!

The Camera shifted to immediately the fight between Afro and Rex, as the sounds of the Pillow Man and the army of Afroapproveds fighting in the background began to drown out. Time slowed to a turtle's pace.

Roaring threw a sweep kick at Afro within the stream, but Afro responded with a forward punch, followed up by laying an elbow into his chest. However, Rex simply flung an uppercut punch at Afro's Doodle form, and then consecutively punched him repeatedly.


Both sides were clearly not exhausted at all. Afro then suddenly fired a hailstorm of bullets from his mouth. His mouth even doubled as a gatling gun! Rex quickly blocked all of them with his sword in the smallest fraction of a second. Afro reacted accordingly, and he kicked him in the thigh, disorienting him a bit as he almost went careening out of the stream itself. Afro began drawing several dozen sentries (like 35 or so), but before he could do that, Rex immediately gripped his way onto Afro's whole body, jumped on his back, took both parts of his pencil, and kicked them out of the Slipstream.

This requires another transformation, Afro might say to himself in his head, as he turned into...

Doodlebob Alpha!

He transformed into a bigger, buffer doodlebob, complete with a backpack filled with seemingly infinite pencils. He then took a packful of them, and threw them on the erasing end towards Rex. Rex was not amused, seeing as he was still trying to get to his waifu. Unfortunately, Afro wouldn't let him, as they continue down the river of the Internets.

Rex took a box of data that appeared like a section of the Weegee army that was fighting Major League Gaming in a total war in a separate section of the Internet across the World Wide Web. He then threw it at Afro, but then Afro just spammed it with chat messages

Afroapproved: Hey there buddy pal chum friend pal chum bud friend fella amigo brother friend chummy chum pal I don't mean to be rude my home slice bread slice dawg but I gotta warn ya the time you will expierence in your near future will not be pleasurable at all if you keep going the way you are, so if you take one more step friend chum pal nigga dawg, I will throw you through a hoop in a game of basketball.

TheRoaringRex replied with a dank meme of his own in hopes of countering the amazingly dank point Afro just made to make Rex give up the fight. The wall of text was ripped apart by Rex's reality warping skills as it disappeared into the recycle bin.

TheRoaringRex: damn son where'd you find this

Afroapproved: ur mom

The internet spoke. It had heard of their conversation, and it's mere voice shook the whole stream. The whole world wide web trembled at the prescence of the Internet itself. In fact, everything appeared to freeze in motion as it spoke out of necessity at what was going about right now. Probably even the most secure of websites could feel it at the edges of the Internet itself and the Deep Web beyond. Even Gamers had suddenly been paused midgame.



There it is. It looks like this battle was now given the blessings of the Internet itself, and it would be far, far more danker than it would be before. Afro demonstrated this by throwing some rainbow colored, heavily implied to be really really stronk popcorn grenades at him, only to be deflected by Rex's sudden Waifu Powers. He was getting empowered from his Waifu from the Fiction!

(Cue Rules of Nature)



Rex and Afro both saw the end of the Stream and the destination where they would confront Masta. They continued exchanging strikes, with increasingly more overpowered and overpowered weapons such as Godmodding, Toonforce, Wanking, Downplaying, making Joke Profiles, and writing as many What-If? Death Battles as they can faster than the other can do. They were neck and neck. Even then, this was all in the slowest of motions that Cybertime can muster to observe the battle, as did everyone else. While Afro didn't have the assistance of Dirt and Soil, he did have his infinite Afro army, but it was being distracted by Plastic Man and his endless MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA... barrage. It was a one on one.

Rex transformed into... Dank Esdeath.


Afro was starting to get speedblitzed by Rex as soon as he finished his moment transformation. Before he could even react to anything or even know what's going on, he was stroke in the leg, the chest, the head, and the Backpack with rapid swings from the "Esdeath's Amazing Sauce of Waifu Material", which was actually wounding him in spite of his infinite HP. As Afro made sense of what's going on, he realized he was getting blitzed as they exit the Interstream and into the Website Masta, Dirt and Soil were inhabiting.


TheRoaringRex: beeeeeeeeeeeeees

Holy shit! As they entered the website, there were several other new users! It was...


The mere prescence of Derpurple was strongly intimidating to the both of them! Their faces were filled with shock, fear, even moreso than any person who experienced a normal phobia. This was their greatest fear right in front of them. There could only be one face that could be used to describe both of their's at this very moment...


They continued like this for the next few minutes. Derpurple alone could stomp both of them by his mere prescence and his fabulous manliness, soloing both of their verses by accident. It is said that his mere prescence made Han Solos kneel in his manliness. There was no limit to what he could do to them. He could simply flex his muscles once and they'd be erased from the Internet.

Starfox is also not one to be underestimated. While he had an anime avatar, he considered all anime weeb trash. This would mean he could one shot anyone with such a mindset according to him. Or just plain out one shot people.

Saikou is possibly stronger than Derpurple, seeing as not only is he The Lewd King for a reason, he could simply overlewd them, resulting in an instant game over for the both of them from the lewdness that ensued. Surely, they were probably mincemeat by now, but why arean't they moving?

Mage, while roasted by Afro in an earlier blog post, was definitely not the type to mess around with. She could simply pull an abridged swag and make both of them sit through 8 hours of "weeb trash" and abridged anime that would weebify any normal person.

Riolu was a joke last time they met, but this time, he's ready to kick both of their asses infinite times upon infinite times over. He was an unstoppable powerhouse now and he could simply one shot both of them by being Saitama. He even was dressed as Saitama for the occasion, after all.

They waited several minutes to see what they would do to them, for they were powerless at this very moment.

But suddenly! Deus Ex Machina?


Masta kicked them down, as they were revealed to be nothing more than paintings on a wall. Clearly, Masta is definitely smarter than what meets the eye

TrashtaChief2003: hi guys

TrashtaChief2003: im sorry for killing dirt and soil

Afro could see the dead bodies of his ninja turtles Dirt and Soil. He burst tears from his drawn, 2D eyes at the sight of them, mourning, but clearly, there wasn't any time to mourn, as evident when Rex and Masta, both as opportunist as they are, began to commence their attacks against him. He had to put effort into dodging from two guys, but then

The Infinite Afroapproveds and Pillow Man jumped into the arena.

TrashtaChief2003: geeeetttt dunked on!

Captain Falcon: YES!

That was sudden. But so was Rex suddenly jumping into a Mech that appeared out of nowhere like it was made from thin air. But this is the Internet. Anything can happen. This mech was so over the top, it looked better fitted into a cartoon like Sailor Moon. It was complete with a red paintjob that looked like Akuma painted it, sets of teeth on the abdomen and elaborate, almost pretentious sunglasses that made you think it was the product of an enraged kid, a head with a broken crest to symbolize edginess, two shields on the side to you know, protection? Aside from that, it looked completely impractical.

Gurren Lagann

(Cue Libera Me from Hell)


Afroapproved: kek

TrashtaChief2003: wow so cool!

The three of them charged at each other again! All with their weapons in hand, fists, swords, guns, you name it! Rex punched Afro into a mountain range in the distance so he could deal with the Trash right in front of him, but he was armed with a massive, awesome, cannon...


He fired a MASSIVE beam from the gun, as it races towards Rex's Gooren Lagun. In response, a huge drill, way larger than even the mech itself, burst out of nowhere from the mech's hand. It grew larger, and larger, and larger, and Trashta saw this, uttering a scream that put the most terrifying of screams to shame.

Luigi's Famous Scream

Luigi's Famous Scream

Rex said some of the most manliest words in spite of his current state and stature, which would make even the likes of Larry Lobster laugh at him. However, it was so manly, that the audience began to take seats in the background, much to the unawareness of the combatants within the website.




Trashta soon powered up into Trashta NEON, which was about the size of Gooren Lagun. With legs like these, who could lose? Gooren then began to launch itself drill first horizontally at him, preparing to pierce him straight through the centerpoint. However, Trashta simply kicked with his right leg, sweeping it to the left, stopping the Gooren's Giguh Dwill Brook before it could make impact, and sent him out of the way as he confronts Afroapproved.

Briefly, Afro looked at the game of Undertale, specifically its website, from the lens of a telescope. He sighed at it's weakness and pitifulity. It was so weak that with his current strength, he could probably roll all over it with his infinite army of Afroapproved Doodle Edition clones, all digivolved. Kek. He was wielding his almighty Pencil.

Afroapproved: Why can't the quality Mother inspired RPG be strong.

TrashtaChief2003: You fucking what m8

Afroapproved: LETS FUCKING GO!

They both leaped to meet each other with a huge spiked club from Masta and the almighty Pencil from Afro. They then clashed, only to be slapped together by Gooren Lagun's palms clapping together, sandwiching them and causing great injury. It proved they did not have an unfettered body, so to speak, but this was WAR! Afro smacked Trashta NEO away with his almighty pencil as he recovered on the thumb of Gooren, and then jumped at the head, only to be swatted away like a fly as he gets rammed into a wall, colliding it with great force that would destroy multiple galaxies, but no. Here, it just made a small crater. His durability took most of the attack, though, as it was infinite, he wasn't hurt at all, though he still felt great pain. He then saw Gooren running at him, only for it to be kicked aside by Trashta NEO like it was the fly around here.

Trashta was firing his twin guns at him, which were far more devastating than before. Afro was forced to dodge all of them as Trashta kicked him in the face, and then punched him repeatedly in the chin. However, he no sold all of it with his infinite durability. Trashta tries to unleash a Kamehameha, but Afro kicked him in the gut, sending him lightyears back across the website. That's gotta hurt.

Trashta suddenly charged back, moving many, many times faster than light. The timeframe could be measured in less than attoseconds. This was all happening in Yoctoseconds, far, far smaller than attoseconds which Flash could think in a timeframe of. Screw Flash, these guys can speedblitz him.

Afro moved his entire body out of the way, laying his pencil in a way to trip Trashta, and trip Masta it did. He fell to the ground, but it did not stop there. His descent burned a good fraction of the plains below, kicking up soil, dirt, grass, and countless foliage across the endless plain. Afro then grabbed Trashta's whole body with the pencil, and then sent him flying upward. He then teleported far up in the sky, and then pummeled him right back into the ground below with his two fists combined. The toonforce is real. The toonforce is real!

Suddenly, something with an even greater shadow appeared in the sky right above Afro, and he was pummeled back with Masta by Rex and his Gooren Lagun. However, he did not stop there, as he punched and kicked both Afro and Masta and began to speedblitz them. Soon, he and his speed formed a "sphere" to keep Rex and Masta in, where he would keep hitting them over and over and over. The moment they neared even the boundaries of the "sphere" itself, they would get punched, and then they were kicked when they were sent to the other side. This beating seemed to never end, but both Trashta and Afro circumvented it as they began to fight DBZ style in the middle of the sphere, not touching the sphere itself.

However, the sphere began to shrank, and vanish. Gooren Lagun soon participated, and all 3 of them had to endure as well as attack two combatants almost simultaneously. It was gruelling, tiring, and exhausting. However, they had to resove this once and for all, even as the website around them was shaking apart. These websites were akin to entire timelines. Cracks shot out through the entire sky, revealing the contents of the outside internet leaking into it. It was a Green, swirling vortex that would instantly kill anyone that dare pass near it. How did it get here? It looked as if it was a toxic, void that was sucking the world in. It was best referred to as the void where no website dwells near, and as this website lied near the boundaries of the internet and the deep web itself, it was destined to be sucked in. Nevertheless, they continued their gruelling fight.


It was evident that their fight was contributing to the shatterment of this website and every other point of it in all of it's time, past, present, and future. Their individual attacks, no matter how weak, were that powerful. They had no time to talk, or even to think. A single letter of speech would be enough for the two other opponents, highly opportunistic, to land septillions of punches and attacks on the talker. They easily vanished from any eyesight. Then again, aside from the three of them, the whole website was evacuated and abandoned a long time ago thanks to that same void.


Each combatant's individual armies long vanished into the void beyond. Soon, the entire sky shattered, revealing nothing but the swirling, green and black vortex, and a teetering, unstable platform that they must fight on.

(Cue Sigma Battle II)

As if nothing happened, they rushed at each other like the TTGL vs Anti Spiral fight, and began exchanging punches and kicks and blows like there was no tomorrow. Oh wait, there was no tomorrow for this world. All three of them kept at it, firing beams, drills, pencils, waifu-swords, chocolate bars. There was nothing but dead silence from all three of them, this was getting intense. Hold on to your seats, because we are heading to the final phases of the fight!


Dj Scratch Sound Effect

Dj Scratch Sound Effect

Music shorts out

But just as they were about to fight, sudden feelings of friendship and camaraderie sparked in the each of them, destroying all of their desire to win, and to compete. It appears the fight was over as the Green Vortex began to fade in the distance and they proceeded to be transported back to the Death Battle Fanon Chat Room.

TheRoaringRex: wtf what happened

TrashtaChief2003: FRIENDSHIP!

Afroapproved: YAY!

Everyone else in the chat room replied with generic applause and other comments.


(Cue Stardust Crusaders)


It's a Draw! Friendship!