DBX: PlayStation's Greatest Heroes! Edit

Sackboy vs ratchet

Sackboy was looking for adventures in his Pod. He saw a mysterious world, which he soon entered.

Sackboy fell through the world and crashed, knocking a robot off of a figure's back. The figure turned around. "CLANK!"

Sackboy tried to say sorry, but he couldn't talk, so the figure didn't know he said sorry. The figure, Ratchet, looked at Sackboy, getting out his Omniwrench while in a combat stance.

"You're gonna pay for what you did to Clank."


Sackboy was failing at telling Ratchet he was sorry and was hit in the head with the omniwrench. Sack quickly used the Grabbinator, knowing this wouldnt end peacefully, and slammed Ratchet around the room Sans-style. As Ratchet pulled out the Suck Cannon, Sackboy used the Creatinator. He was about to make a huge bomb, but Ratchet sucked Sackboy up! 

DBX? Already?Edit

Suddenly, the Suck Cannon slowly grew in size before...


Sackboy still made the bomb, and used it to destroy the Suck Cannon! As Ratchet looked on, he saw Clank get up.

"Clank! You're okay!"

Suddenly, Sackboy threw another bomb.


"Guess this wont end how i wanted it to..."

Part 2: Ratchet & Clank vs. SackboyEdit

Clank threw the RY3NO down to Ratchet, who caught it. Sackboy ran up with a sword and stabbed the weapon, breaking it. Angry, Ratchet threw the broken RY3NO at Sacky. Sack quickly sliced it apart. Suddenly, Ratchet got out he Acid Bomb Glove. He sprayed acid at Sackboy, but Sackboy blocked with a shield.

Sacky then readied the Grabbinator.

Clank gave Ratchet the RYNO.

The weapons clashed...only one triumphed.


Sadly used the Grabbinator to throw each missile back at Ratchet.

"Oh shi--"


Ratchet was gone. Only Clank and Sackboy were left. Clank spoke to Sacky.

"I'm afraid the battle isn't done..."

Sackboy pulled out his sword from earlier.


Clank picked up the Lava Gun.

Part 3: Sackboy vs. ClankEdit

Clank fired a large chunk of lava at Sackboy, which melted his Grabbinator. Sacky soon slashed at Clank several times. Right when SB was about to slice Clank in half...


Clank shot lava right through the sword, and it hit Sackboy!

Now Sackboy was p*ssed off.

Sackboy summoned millions of nukes. He made a plane and flew away, dropping all of the nukes on Clank.



As soon as he had done this, Sackboy felt regret, jumping out of the plane and crashing on the ground, tearing some of his fabric open.

But he had still won...



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