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Ask IceBearSwag. But for now, time for a...

DBX! Edit

Dora was immune to the chamber and broke out.

Boomstick: "aw fuck."

Ratchet came out with Dora.

Ratchet: "Don't think you can escape me!"

Dora: "Oh no!"

Boots and Clank appear.

Boomstick: "I can still make you fight to the death! HERE WE GOOOOO!"

Dora: "Oh no! He looks too strong for me to fight!"

Suddenly, Boots jumped out and kicked Clank.

Ratchet: "Clank, c'mere!"

Dora: "Boots, I need you!

The small guys come back to their partners. Ratchet runs up to Dora with the OmniWrench, but Dora flashed intensely, before gaining a yellow-and-red glow. God Dora jumped forward and kicked Ratchet, sending him far across the area. He hits a familiar human and ottsel.

Jak: "We can finally get our revenge!"

Jak kills Ratchet.

Daxter: "u fukin w0t m8."

An OBEY hat and MLG Sunglasses fall onto Daxter, Airhorns going off.

MLG Daxter: "Get Noscoped."

MLG Daxter noscopes Jak. He then spots Clank.

MLG Daxter: "preparr 2 die"


Right before MLG Daxter kills Clank, MLG Daxter starts burning. His MLG burns away from the intense heat.

Daxter: "What just happen--OH CRAP IM ON FIRE!"

Clank got burnt and broke down.


As Dora uses Heat Powers, a bear and bird suddenly crash into Dora.

Boots: "Dora!"

As Boots screams, the bird sh*ts an egg into Boots' mouth.


Bear power explodes into Dora, until Banjo comes up into the air with Kazooie by his side to catch and kill Dora.

Part Two: God Dora vs. Banjo-Kazooie?!Edit

Dora uses heat powers point-blank, only to realize it doesn't do much. God Dora forms a shield and blocks an incoming attack, sending Banjo falling down. Kazooie helps him get back up, only for Dora to release an ice Ray onto Kazooie. Banjo begins falling, along with the frozen Kazooie.


Suddenly, the ice melts.

Kazooie: "I'm back."

Kazooie flies back up with Banjo.


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