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gogo tomago vs rev runner riza hawkeye vs misaka ackerman
Quickman vs the flash


it's the battle of speed as quickman takes on the flash


the flash is seen running through the city when he spots something

wiley's castle "well this must be the place" says the flash "he then runs in and looks around making sure

nothing is inside suddenly he is stopped by a red and yellow robot "stop right there no none robots allowed"

he says "oh so you that speedy robot that everyone's talking about" says the flash "well i see i am famous"

"you bet you are by the way your under arrest" says the flash "says who?" asks the robot "say the flash the

fastest man alive" says the flash "oh yeah?" says the robot "well i'm quickman and i say this place is not big

enough for two speedsters" says quickman "i say that is a good idea" says the flash they both run off

here we go!

we see two trails of speeds running clashing at eachother close they are revealed to be the two battlers

fighting they each clash but ultimately quickman wins the clash and sends the flash flying quickman then

runs to him and is about to finish him but the flash runs out of the way quickman runs after him but is too

late as the flash punches him in the face quickman then retaliates and kicks him in the temple making him

bleed quickman then runs at him and punches him as fast as he can quickman then laughs "looks like i

won" says quickman the flash then smiles "you know we should actually just try to run to see who is the

fastest" says the flash quickman then agrees and runs off and takes off but flash doesn't quickman runs

at mach speed the flash then is seen reading a comic book meanwhile quickman then comes at the flash

with his quick attack flash is hit but he doesn't care for he knows what will happen next cause as quickman

keeps running he starts to overheat "must prove i am faster" he reapetedly says but then as it overloads he

dies in a explosion screaming all that is left is chunks of his parts "heh he may be the fastest but i am the

smartest" he then winks at the audience and runs off " i just hope i can explain the blood on me at work"