Mio Naganohara vs Dan Hibiki is a What If? DBX created by 5555thExplosionMage.

Pre-Fight Edit





Dan was walking home after a day of training his students when he came across a girl who was stumbling to pick up some paper. Being the nice guy Dan was he decided to help her but as soon as he picked up one the girl eyed him dangerously. She had a sense a blood lust and charged at Dan.


Super Street Fighter 4 Dan Theme Soundtrack HD02:54

Super Street Fighter 4 Dan Theme Soundtrack HD

Mio charged at Dan and he moved out of the way as she dived for his legs.

"H-Hey! I don't want to fight!" Dan yelled at the school girl but she did not seem to listen and just stood up and charged again. Dan put his hands out front to stop her and she smacked into it falling over. Dan kneeled, "Are you okay?" The girl then punched Dan in the face sending him flyinf a few inches. Discovering that this girl was a legitimate fighter Dan decided it would be best to just accept the challenge and fight.

Here we go? Um... Yeah... Edit

Nichijou Character Song Single - Mio no Kaputte Kaputte Moe Chigire04:07

Nichijou Character Song Single - Mio no Kaputte Kaputte Moe Chigire

The two ran toward each other and went for a karate chop knocking each other's attack out of the way and going for another strike... that was blocked by each other's strikes... They then both went for a low kick... that was blocked... Mio dived down and grabbed Dan's leg pulling him to the ground, bouncing him by hitting him into the ground hard enough, while Dan was in mid-air Mio kicked him and he flew into a wall.

Mio ran toward Dan as he recovered and she corckscrew punched him causing him to get smashed into the wall more. Mio's anger was obviously showing. Dan let out a... hadooken? It hit Mio and she fell backward. She rolled back and stop back up and they both activated The Raging Demon. They ran forward AND!


Tripped. They tripped.

They stood up and stared each other down. Mio picked up a stick and ran toward Dan who karate chopped the stick out of Mio's hand and kicked her. She flew and smashed into a pop machine and it... fell... onto... her... Rain began to fall and blood dripped out from under the machine.

K.O. Edit

Gentle Rain 10 Hours High Quality10:00:01

Gentle Rain 10 Hours High Quality

Dan looked at the fallen pop machine horrified with what he had done. He just killed a little girl. His father would never be proud. Dan backed away slowly and ran off into the rain. This moment had scarred him. Forever.


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