Miles "Tails" Prower is a character from the Sonic series. He previously fought Luigi in an episode of Death Battle and One Minute Melee.

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Tails VS Yoshi (Wolverine-Man)

  • "Oof! Did you really have to punch me?!" Tails after Yoshi punches him in the stomach before their fight starts
  • "I'm gonna have to change my clothes after this." Tails after being thrown out of a lake by Yoshi
  • "Wake up. I'm sorry, wake up! Please! I'm sorry! Please wake up!" Tails begging Yoshi to wake up and apologizing to him
  • "This is all my fault... I'm so sorry..." Tails crying

Tails vs Lucas (Peep4Life)

  • "HEY!" Tails after catching Lucas on the spot standing by the Tornado, also his only words