Litten new pokemon starter by seviyummy-da24o9i

MickySR2112 is a user on the DBX wiki as well as many other wikis (like 2 others) he has the power of any of his past profile pics. He is a huge RWBY fanboy and gets extremely pissed off if anyone ships Whiterose.

Possible Opponents Edit

  • The biggest shipper of Whiterose on this planet (whoever that is)
  • Any Steven Universe Character (Micky hates Steven Universe)
  • Any other Wiki user
  • Roman Reigns

Powers: Edit

  • Any past or present profile picture's powers (This includes people like Gordon Ramsay and Litten)
  • Has every RWBY weapon
  • Leafy fanboyism
  • Kaio What?
  • Anything from any game he's played
  • A shitty wooden sword

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