Description Edit

2xSlyCooperx2 Vs. Quauntonaut! OnePunchMario Vs. um... Whatever Jimmy is from. Two of the most OP OCs fight to the death. Which will win: The Mario with the power of 5 Big Bangs, or the dinosaur with univorsal erthquaks?

DBX Edit

Univorsal erthquak or marioic punch?

*Maritama is walking down a street when he sees a building get shot by several sharp objects.*

Maritama: "What the fuck?"

*He sees a white dinosaur, Jimmy Rex. Jimmy looks at him and gets combat ready.*

Maritama: "A fight? Let's do this. Besides, I need to stop you from destroying anything else--"


*Jimmy tries to freeze Maritama with a beam, which Maritama punches and destroys. He kicks Jimmy Rex and throws a token at him, slicing through him. Jimmy gets up and kicks with his electric foot, which Maritama counters with his SeMarioiKick. The two kicks cause an explosion. Jimmy Rex jumps forward and Tail Whips Maritama far away.*

Maritama: "Lol nope."

*Maritama appears behind Jimmy Rex.*


*A Big Bang occurs, making an entire universe...INSIDE OF THE UNIVERSE THEY WERE FIGHTING IN. Jimmy uses his electric foot to destroy the universe, followed by doing the same to the other universe before charging his teeth and claws. Maritama dodges the incoming...

HORN RAY!1!!1!1!1!1!1!1!!!!!1!1!ONE!1!1!1!111!*

Maritama: "Shit, this Dino is a worthy opponent. Too worthy. I need backup."

*Maritama slides 3 tokens in front of him as Jimmy looks for him. Luigenos, Speed-O'-Sound Yoshi, and Toadsumaki all appear.*

Maritama: "Guys, we have to stop that Dino."

Luigenos: "Okay."

Toadsumaki: "You guys ready?"

The other three: "Yep."

SoS Yoshi: "Let's go."

Part Two: Team Maritama Vs. Jimmy Rex Edit

The Team comes for OPM

*SoS Yoshi sends a ninja star at Jimmy Rex as Luigenos fires an arm cannon blast and Toadsumaki fires off a telekinetic blast. Maritama finishes it with a Marioic Shockwave as the 4 projectiles hit Jimmy at the same time, sending him into a mountain.*

Jimmy: "Roooooooooar!"

*Jimmy uses elemental powers to send a huge fireball at Team Maritama, but Maritama punches it and turns it into nothing. After the fireball is gone, Toadsumaki telekinetically flings Jimmy through the mountain, causing it to explode as Maritama runs forward into the cloud of dust.*

???1: "I'll kill you!"

???2: "I'm a bit stronger."

???1: "No, I am the strongest Dino ever!"

???2: "Keyword being Dino!"

???1: "ROOOOAR!"

???2: "250% POWERED..."

???1: "HORN..."

???2: "MARIOIC PUNCH!!!!!!!!"

???1: "RAY!!!1!1!1!1!1!1!!!!!!1!1!!ONE!!1!!!"

*The two fly out. Both land barely damaged. Suddenly, one falls to the ground as 3 more figures come with the winner and deliver the finishing blow. The area completely explodes.*

???1: "Nooooooooooooo!"

*Blood appears from the loser.*


???3: "MEGA BLAST!"



*Jimmy is hit and is engulfed in an explosion, only for a laser to hit him as he is sent flying into the air before being impaled. Finally, a forcefield increases in size, slowly tearing Jimmy apart.*


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