Mario vs Link is another DBX from Uk Kook.

Mario vs link by goldenaura2015-da688xj


No rules

Just Bloodshed



Mario was walking around the Mushroom Kingdom when he saw a man with a sword running towards Peach's Castle.

Mario: Oh a No, he must a be one of Bowser's minions I must a stop him.

Mario then rushes up to Link and punches him in the back causing Link to fall down. Link gets up and rushes at Mario as Mario prepares himself for the fight.

Here we go

Link swings his sword at Mario, who flips out of the way and kicks Link in the face causing Link to stumble back. Mario then shoots fireballs from his hands, but Link dodges them with ease.

Mario then attempts to hit Link but Link blocks the punch with his shield. He then slashes Mario with his sword causing Mario to get knocked back into a Warp Pipe hitting his head.

Link then shoots arrows from his bow but Mario dodges them and combos Link with a Mario Tornado knocking Link a little back. Link swings his sword again, but Mario hops on the sword and punches Link with a fire infused hand causing Link to get burned on the face.

Mario: Mario is number 1

Link nudges Mario back with his shield and then rapidly slashes him with the sword before hitting him with his Golden Gauntlets bruising Mario badly. Mario pulls out his hammer and hits Link the face.

The power of the hit was so strong it broke Link's jaw, but Link never really talked anyway. Back on the fight Link recovered from the blow only to get hit in the stomach by a Super Jump sending Link flying into Peach's castle.

Toads: Egad it's a intruder run

Link shoots arrows at the Toads killing them as he runs over to try to steal their money, but Mario shoot a fireball at Link's back causing Link to fall down. Mario then pulls out his Star Power up and picks Link up angrily.

Mario: Don't ever come back here again.

Mario then rapidly beats up Link with a flurry of punches before knocking his head off with his Ultra Hammer causing Link's head and body to fall down a Warp Pipe back to Hyrule.

Mario then walks over to the Toads and gives them 1-Ups reviving them. Mario had a story to tell his friends the following day.


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