MLG John Cena vs Chuck Norris is a What If? DBX created by 5555thExplosionMage.






John Cena was wearing his sunglasses as he walked around the world of MLG. He was the true hero there and beat everything that challenged him. Suddenly he saw Chuck Norris punching Sanic and sending him flying off the planet.

"yo m8 watchu doin? im warnin you i am top of my league and have over 300 confirmed kills" John Cena said to Chuck.

"Very well, let's see if you can put up a fight." Chuck pulled out a giant laser canon.


Undertale Megalovania - MLG Airhorn Remix02:08

Undertale Megalovania - MLG Airhorn Remix

Chuck let his laser fire and John Cena 360 no scoped that shiz out of the air. John Cena then 360 no-scoped again send a bullet flying at Chuck who roundhouse kicked it back at John. John smacked the bullet out of the air with his sniper and brought out the omega air horn. He pressed down on it and a ear deafening sound was let out. Chuck was unaffected however and roundhouse kicked John.

John flew into a mountain and it was cut in half. It seemed to be that lava had hardened there to but that's not important. John stood up easily recovering from that and smoked some weed increasing his power. He dashed forward and went for a punch and hit Chuck's fist that was also swinging. They both fell onto the ground holding their hand, tears streaming from their face. It was their first time experiencing pain.



Chuck then stood up and low-roundhouse kicked John Cena and he flew into the giant MLG logo flying above MLG planet. Suddenly the Illuminati was flying by and began to shoot lasers everywhere. Chuck grabbed a-hold of a laser and threw it at John Cena who was avoiding lasers, blowing him up.


Chuck then roundhouse kicked the Illuminati's fortress far away.


Did you enjoy the fight?

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