Liu Kang VS Jin Kazama

Liu vs jin

At the Mortal Kombat tournement in Earthrealm, Jin challenges Liu Kang to a fight. The champion accepts the challenge and gets into a fighting stance.

Shang Tsung: "Let the fight begin!"


Jin and Liu Kang both charge up a punch and their punches collide knocking them both back. Quickly, Jin sweeps at Liu Kang's legs then uppercuts him, sending him flying.

In mid-air, Liu Kang reacts quickly and throws a fireball at Jin, but the Child of Vengeance blocks the attack and tries to kick him but Liu Kang parries it then starts a combo then finishes it with a hard punch.

Jin gets more serious in battle then starts to leap in the air and jumpkicks him but he counters it with bicycle kick until Jin takes it then punches him real hard, sending him flying into the wall.

Liu Kang: "Now this is a challenge!"

While he talks, Jin runs quickly and tries to punch him while he has the advantage, but Liu Kang catches his punch, then sends a punch to him but Jin catches the punch too.

They both crush eachother's fist until Liu Kang headbutts him, cracking his skull. Making the Child of Vengeance fall down, Liu Kang charges up a fiery punch until he suddenly is grabbed then throwed into the air.

As Jin is seen to be in his Devil form, he jumps then throws him into the ground when he's in mid-air. Breaking some of his bones, Liu Kang is suddenly surrounded in a fiery aura.

Liu Kang suddenly turns into his Dragon Form.

Devil Jin: "You're form is futile against me."

Dragon Liu Kang breathes fire at him, but he's shown to block the attack.

Devil Jin starts to send a barrage of punches at him then charges up one last punch which blows him into pieces.

The fatality label is shown.