Leafy vs pyro

LeafyisHere VS Pyrocynical is a what-if DBX created by MickySR2112.

Description Edit

It's finally time for the greatest Youtube rivalry to be solved... or something.

Battle Edit

Leafy's House

The legendary reptilian cyberbully was sitting at a desk in his dank bedroom, his mouth wrapped around a nice ol' blunt, he was speaking into a microphone.

"Hello guys, Leafy here an-"

Suddenly, the sexy furry fox god known as Pyrocynical burst into his room, "DID YOU STEAL MY BLUNT? I'M GONNA GET KEEM ON YOU!" He shouted, holding a smaller blunt, the fox god grabbed Leafy's neck.

"This is just a misunderstanding, Pyro!"

"I'll show you misunderstanding, you little cringe factory!"

(Cue "Dank Music 1 ")

With that, both pulled out their MLG Snipers, ready to fight.

Grab your cringy Doritos!Edit

Engage! Edit

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