The Half Demon Child, Bro


Kylonai is flying through the air when he bumps into Dante. "Sorry!" Dante says. However, Kylonai does not except, the teenager pulling out his Demon Blade. "I'LL MAKE YOU FEEL SORRY!" Kyle yelled, running at Dante. "You wanna fight?" Dante asked.

"Then LET'S GO!"


Dante delivered the first blow, hitting Kylonai in the face. Dante pulled out Ebony and Ivory, but Kylonai dodged the shots. He picks up a Pikachu and throws it at Dante, hitting him in the face. Dante pulls the face-pikachu off, and throws it away. However, the Face-Pikachu distracted him, so when he got ready to resume fighting...


Dante was hit in the face with so much force, that he fell back off of the building they were fighting in! Kylonai jumped down as well. They pulled out the Demon Blade and Rebellion respectively, and...


Both stabbed each other as they were still falling. Both pulled the other's sword out of their chest. Now, Dante had the Demon Blade and Kylonai had Rebellion! As the two landed on the ground, they transformed. Dante became Devil Trigger Dante, and Kylonai became Demon Kylonai.

The real fight was about to begin.

Demon Kylonai used Rebellion (remember, they switched swords after stabbing each other) to slice Devil Trigger Dante. Suddenly, Dante saw it start to rain. So what did he do?

Dante sliced all the raindrops rapidly, headed for Kylonai, who was trying to dodge. Eventually, he did without Dante noticing, forcing Dante to keep running whilst slicing raindrops. Eventually, Dante was tired out.

"Now's my chance!"



Dante screamed in pain, only to come back, slicing Kylonai. The teen looked back, only to see a monster in Dante's place.

This was Majin Dante.

Kylonai slowly ascended, increasing in height off the ground as he flew up. His hair started flashing, as did his eyes. His shirt turned Dark Red.

Z-Class-Monster-Buster Kylonai was ready to duel.

ZCMBK ran forward, slicing at Majin Dante. Dante dodged quickly. Kylonai used Invulnerable Buster as Dante threw fireballs at the teen Monster Buster. The IB passed through and hit Dante.


When the explosion cleared up, Dante was in base form as ZCMBK prepared his final attack, only to shut down and fell unconscious. Dante was also tired, and fell unconscious as well.

DOUBLE DBX! (I guess)