Hulk vs Asura
No rules.

Just bloodshed.


I don't need anger management. I just need people to stop pissing me off.

Bruce Banner is walking down a populated city street when he notices a young girl crying in the middle of the sidewalk. He approaches and kneels by her. "What's wrong, young one?" he asked.

A sniffle, then she replied. "I-I lost my daddy..."

Bruce sighed and took her hand. "Come on, I'll help you find him."

Suddenly, a roar of anger shook the air, and the citizens around Bruce scampered out of the way. A white-haired man with glowing eyes and metal arms glared coldly at Banner.

"YOU!" he shouted, pointing at Bruce. "YOU MADE MY DAUGHTER CRY!"

"Err, no," Bruce said quickly, releasing the girl's hand. "I-I was just going to help her find-"

He never finished his sentence, as the demigod known as Asura charged forward and delivered one of the strongest punches Bruce had ever felt square to his face. The gamma radiation scientist flew back and slammed into a building.

Asura ran forward again and was about to punch again, when all of a sudden a massive green fist erupted from the rubble slammed into his face and sent him reeling back. He recovered from the blow and looked to where it came from, and from the pile of rubble stood the incredible Hulk.

"YOU HIT HULK!" the green behemoth bellowed. "THAT MAKE HULK ANGRY! YOU NO LIKE HULK ANGRY!!" He slammed his fists against his green chest and roared ferociously.


The two titans of anger charged at each other, ready to fight.


Hulk's massive right fist swung in a hook, colliding with Asura's ribs at the same time as Asura's fist crashed into his face. Wind rushed from Asura's lungs and Hulk staggered backwards in a small daze. They both then regained their bearings and charged again. Asura raised his fist to deliver a downward blow from above, but Hulk's massive green arms wrapped around his torso and charged forward, bowling through bystanders, signs, and a car before throwing the demigod up, grabbing him by the ankle, and smashing him to the pavement. "HULK WILL BREAK YOU!!" the green goliath bellowed.


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