Bruce Banner, AKA The Incredible Hulk, is a character from the Marvel Comics franchise. He fought against Broly in an episode of One Minute Melee and fought Doomsday in an episode of Death Battle. He fought Juggernaut in an episode of DBX.


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Hulk vs Asura (GalacticAttorney)

As Bruce Banner

  • "What's wrong, young one?" Bruce sees a crying Mithra
  • "Come on, I'll help you find him." Bruce offering Mithra help to find her father Asura, unaware that he is about to arrive
  • "Err, no, I-I was just going to help her find-" Bruce trying and failing to convince a stubborn Asura that he was only trying to help Mithra find him

As Hulk

  • "YOU HIT HULK! THAT MAKE HULK ANGRY! YOU NO LIKE HULK ANGRY!!" Hulk to Asura before his battle with him
  • "HULK WILL BREAK YOU!!" Hulk after smashing Asura to the pavement


Donkey Kong vs The Hulk (DENSTIFY1)

  • "HAMMER GOD HIT HULK. HULK SMASH HAMMER GOD!" Hulk vowing to defeat Thor, who had defeated him offscreen
  • "WHO HIT HULK!?" Hulk after Donkey Kong hits him with a coconut
  • "NO ONE SHOOTS HULK. HULK SMASH BIG MONKEY!!" Hulk preparing to fight Donkey Kong
  • "Hulk not care about hammer god any more... BECAUSE HULK WILL SMASH YOU!!!" Hulk to Donkey Kong after ending up in New York City thanks to the ape