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Heathrod is a Planned character for Wonderful World.

VS Battles Wiki-esque profileEdit

NOTE: This profile is for a character that has yet to make it to Wonderful World's main roster. While he is confirmed, information about this character is scarce, & will change, and as such, info of this character is NOT final. Be advised that the info shown below is based on guesstimations for the character. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


Not much is known so far about Heathrod at this time except he may be the Bigger Bad of Wonderful World (Sabe is actually a Big Bad.). His powers remain a mystery for the most part...

Powers & StatsEdit

Tier: Likely 6-C.

Name: Heathrod

Origin: Wonderful World

Age: 322

Gender: Male

Classification: Asmodian, Quasi-Construct, Complete Monster, Bigger Bad, Most powerful character in the verse.

Powers & Abilities: Superhuman Speed, Strength, Durability, WIP

Attack Potency: Island Level (Can defeat ANYONE in his verse: Lemius the Leor sisters, Wolfes, easily one of the genre's Titans.)

Speed: Below Average Human (EASILY the slowest character in the verse as a flipside, except, unlike Chartette, and Cielo, Heathrod Can't jump, dash, etc. he can only walk.)

Lifting Strength At least Athletic Human Level (Heathrod is a special case though as he is the heaviest of his verse at 125 kg.)

Striking Strength: Class EJ (Heathrod uses a Magic Gauge that only get's stronger from the influence of Magic. So far, only Sasari, Eldio, those who don't truly use Magic are immune, but the Wonderful World pretty much is a world of Magic, so it doesn't matter...)

Durability: Island Level (Heathrod also has the highest Durability of the verse. While he technically can be defeated by anyone else, the Magic Gauge renders enemy magic to energy for him.)

Stamina: Immesurable (Can keep fighting and not tire at all; the only constant is who wins.)

Range: Unknown (Possibly very far despite being very slow.)

Standard Equipment: Unknown

Intelligence: As the Bigger Bad, he successfully leads the entire Makai in battle, and is the highest ranked Makai of all (He was the man behind the whole conspiracy.).

Weaknesses: If Heathrod has a weakness, it's that the Nickname "Body of Steel" just isn't strong enough compared to Titanium and its many variants throughout fiction...

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


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