Hariru Burst

Hariru is the Main Anti-Hero of Pokémon RéBURST. He currently uses Zoroark as the Pokémon to BURST into...

VS Battles Wiki-esque profileEdit


Hariru is a Major Character, and a former Great Gavel Member. As a former member of the Seveb Warriors of said group

Powers & StatsEdit

Tier: At least 7-B (6-B by the end of Pokémon RéBURST)

Name: Hariru

Origin: Pokémon RéBURST

Age: Unknown, considering RéBURST is darker than the rest of the franchise, at least 16.

Gender: Male

Classification: Human, Beastkin (When BURSTing with a Pokémon.), Great Gavel Member (formerly), Anti-Hero, Burst Warrior, Atoner.

Powers & Abilities: Illusions, The Ability to Burst with his Pokémon to become a fusion of trainer, and becoming a Hybrid, Dark Type Attacks, Superhuman Strength, Speed, Durability, Stamina, and Reactions, Enhanced Hearing, Can make craters with his attacks.

Attack Potency: City Level (As Zorua; can make a crater approx. as big as a meteor crater.) Likely Continent Level (Should be strong enough to Trade Blows With Zekrom Ryouga after the events of Pokémon RéBURST; Zekrom has the same stats as Ryouga when using it...)

Speed: High Hypersonic (Was capable of keeping up with Accelgor Karuta), At least Massively Hypersonic+ reactions (Should be fast enough to react to Zekrom Ryouga's attacks.).

Lifting Strength Unknown

Striking Strength: Class EJ (Should have the attack, and speed properties of a Regular Zoroark, plus more abilities exclusive to the RéBURST Subverse.)

Durability: Continent Level (As Zoroark, Hariru should be able to tank Zekrom Ryouga's attacks (Zoroark usually has Mountain Level Durability on their own. In the RéBURST subverse, however, when fused with a trainer capable of BURST, the only constant is how long the Trainer can last...)... Hariru even fought Reshiram Faust (His old leader), survived, and NOT die. Given Reshiram is on even ground with Zekrom, since that fight, he should be able to rival Zekrom Ryouga's power...)

Stamina: Incredibly High (As Zorua, He already can last a long time in battle. When Zorua evolved, His stats as Zoroark only got stronger; thus can last longer without Tiring; a rarity for characters of the RéBURST Subverse...)

Range: Several Meters with extended arms and Long Claws, Much farther with High Speeds, and Special Attacks.

Standard Equipment: Zoroark Burst Heart (Required to burst into Zoroark himself.)

Intelligence: Was smart enough to force himself out of Great Gavel, and join Ryouga's side. When fused with Zoroark, his Illusionary abilities are even better, not to mention Hariru is an expert strategist in battle, His Illusionary skills can go as far as his imagination can take him (It's entirely possible he can become a Zorua Hariru, and have the exact skills as Zoroark Hariru.).

Weaknesses:: Even with Zoroark's powers, his worst flaw is that he will do whatever it takes to avenge his love interest, Carola. Even if it meant Revengeance; According to the Manga, Ryouga was meant to beat Faust, NOT Hariru, may be overconfident with his strategies, quick to anger when provoked enough.


  • Reacted to, and survived Faust's attacks despite his easy loss.
  • Not counting those with Legendaries to Burst with, possibly the most powerful character in the Subverse.
  • Has fought many foes and won. And Most of which, Hariru just so happened to be in his old Zorua mode...
  • CLEARLY, his Illusions pay off quite well...
  • Can easily kick a can and make a sizable crater as a result. It's quite possible he can do the same with his foes...

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Night Shadow Shot (Japanese: 闇影射球, literally Dark Shadow Shot Sphere, read as ナイトシャドーショット, Night Shadow Shot). While in his Burst form, Hariru glows with energy and forms a sphere of darkness in between his hands. He then throws it onto the ground and kicks it at his opponent, creating a powerful explosion.
  • Night Shadow Shot W (Japanese: 闇影射球W, literally Dark Shadow Shot Sphere W, read as ナイトシャドーショットダブル, Night Shadow Shot Double). The same as his previous Night Shadow Shot, but with two spheres instead of one.
  • Dirty Launcher (Japanese: 邪影蹴天, literally Evil Shadow Heavenly Kick, read as ダーティーランチャー, Dirty Launcher). Hariru's foot glows with energy and he delivers a series of powerful kicks at the opponent.


Notes: Not to be confused with Haruhi Suzumiya.

This refers to Hariru by the time Zorua evolved to Zoroark. Any previous events prior to such should be considered irrelevant.

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