Ryu vs goku
Ryu vs goku 2
Ryu vs goku 3


goku is seen eating alot of food then ryu notices him ryu then sees

him he is eating all of his people's food ryu doesn't like that so he

punches goku in the face goku then looks mad at ryu they both get

ready to fight

Round 1

goku then launches at ryu and kicks him all around kinda like freddy

did to jason in freddy vs jason pinball sounds included ryu then

punches goku sending him to the ground ryu then takes goku by the

throat and throws him upward with a shyrukoen goku then is sent

flyin but then goku punches ryu in the face his hair a glowing this

makes ryu mad sending it to be super sayian goku vs evil ryu

Round 2 

ryu then angrily punched goku then ryu punched back basicially it was an all out slamfest ryu then punch goku in face sending goku into a daze as he flew onto the ground ryu then attacked goku with his tatsumakisenpoaku and sent goku flying ryu then saw what he was doing and continued with the element of nothingness goku saw this and went super sayian super sayian thus began the final round

Final Round

both fighters unleashed they're fighitng moves seeing as they were evenly matched they decided it could end one way they're special moves with that goku said the words kame hame ha!!!! ryu then unleashed his hadouken the impact was great when the smoke cleared both fighters were fried literally as both fighters were dead