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Which powerful Japanese icon who's name begins with G will die?

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No rules!

Just bloodshed!


Powerful Japanese G's! Edit

Rubble and desctruction was all that could seen as Godzilla made his way through a city, going on a rampage and destroying it. The Z-Fighters flew up to the monster and attacked it, but to no avail as they were quickly and easily defeated. That was, until Son Goku showed up to challenge Godzilla.

"My name is Goku, and I will beat you!"

Godzilla simply roared at his opponent, but Goku was not intimidated and prepared to fight.

Here we go! Edit

Goku fired a few blasts of Ki at Godzilla, but to little effect as he shrugged them off with total ease. Godzilla's spine glows blue as he charges up his atomic breath and then fires it at Goku who evades it with flight. Goku flies up to Godzilla to battle it in close quarters combat, punching it several times and staggering it but ultimatley not doing significant damage. Godzilla swatted him out of the air with an atack from his claw and Goku fell to the ground. Goku stood back up and, determined to defeat Gojira, he yelled and transformed into a Super Saiyan.

Goku flew up to Godzilla again and punched him in the stomach, knocking the air out of his lungs as Goku unleashed an uppercut which knocked him to the ground. Goku fired several blasts of ki at the downed kaiju in an atempt to prevent it from getting back up but Godzilla fought his way through the barrage and got up. Now getting angry, Godzilla fired a blast of atomic breath at the Super Saiyan, which sent him through several buildings.

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