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freakazoid vs lobo quickman vs the flash
Gogo tomago vs rev runner

Description Edit

it's the battle of speed once again this time gogo tomago takes on rev runner

prefight Edit

gogo tomago is seen running around the city of acmetropolis suddenly she catches the eye of a certain

roadrunner as that roadrunner pops out of nowhere "you know you should watch where your going after

there is a certain number of traffic here in acemtropolis" the roadrunner jsut yammered on making gogo

nuts so gogo threw a disc at him making the roadrunner yelp "oh that is it your going down honey"

here we go! Edit

the roadrunner then launched at gogo but the jumped of the way and kicked rev in the face "ow my beak"

he says rev then launched at gogo and kicked her in the face "ow you little buzzard!" she says "uh i'm a

roadrunner and the name is rev" he says "will you just shut up?" says gog angry "i would but i am speedy so

yeah" gogo then runs at rev but rev dodges gogo and rev then attack each other as both tries to outdo

each other then gogo kicked rev in the face and punched him into a building "Okay i would usually go easy

on a female but that tears it" says rev and with that rev then ran at supersonic speeds and was about to

punch gogo but then gogo cut off his head with a disc killing spewing blood on the ground gogo then nods

and runs off little does she know the loonatics were watching "loonatics rev has fallen we msut avenge him"

says ace "you may proceed ace and we must find this yellow speedster and bring her to justice"


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