Godzilla vs Superman is another DBX from Uk Kook.


No rules

Just bloodshed!



Godzilla was walking through tokyo destroying a bunch of buildings suddenly Superman appears and punches Godzilla causing Godzilla to roar in pain.

Superman: I don't know who or what you are, but your reign of terror ends now

Godzilla roars as Superman flies towards his foe.


Superman delivers a powerful punch to Godzilla's face causing Godzilla to fall into a building. Superman shoots lasers from his eyes but Godzilla blocks with his hands and punches Superman in the face.

Superman: Agh that hurt.

Godzilla then shoots Atomic Breath at Superman, who dodges and rapidly punches Godzilla's stomach causing Godzilla to roar in pain. Godzilla then slashes Superman causing Superman to bleed across the chest.

Godzilla: Roar

Godzilla then hits Superman with his tail causing Superman to get hurled into a building. Godzilla then shoots another Atomic Breath at Superman, causing the building to explode. Godzilla roars in victory before getting punched in the face.

Superman: You thought I would die that easily hah

Superman freezes Godzilla's legs but Godzilla easily breaks free and tries to headbutt Superman but Superman punches Godzilla in the skull causing Godzilla's skull to instantly crack causing major pain.

Superman then uses Heat Vision on Godzilla's eyes causing Godzilla to go blind.

Superman: And now to finish him off.

Superman begins speed blitzing the giant lizard. The lizard tries to hit Superman but Superman was to quick for him causing Superman to fly through his neck causing Godzilla's head to fall off.

Superman then grabs Godzilla's head and body and throws them all the way to space where they get fried by the sun as Superman is carried back to the city by the people.


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