Ganondorf vs Frieza is another DBX by Uk Kook.


No Rules

Just bloodshed!



Ganondorf was fighting Link in a sword fight when suddenly a powerful energy beam went through Link's chest surprising Ganondorf.

Ganon: Who shot that laser beam I want to know right now.

Frieza: I did you fool.

Frieza reveals himself as he levitates towards Ganondorf as Ganondorf cracks his knuckles.

Here we go!

Frieza fires a couple of Ki blasts at Ganondorf but Ganondorf dodges them and uses a Dark Dive grabbing Frieza and electrocuting him before throwing him into a wall causing a giant explosion.

Ganon: Hah.

Ganondorf starts to walk away but Frieza teleports next to him and angerly punches Ganon multiple times before launching him in the air and knocking him down. Ganondorf begins levitating and pulls out his Sage Sword and swings it at Frieza who dodges with ease.

Frieza: You think a puny sword will beat me guess what you're wrong.

Ganondorf was offended and used Flame Choke and grabbed Frieza before he and Frieza flew into the ground like in Smash bros causing a thud.

Ganondorf then prepares to impale Frieza but Frieza caught the blade and broke it and shot a Kamehameha at Ganon's face launching Ganondorf back into a wall. Frieza then flies after Ganondorf and prepares to hit him but Ganondorf was ready and used Wizard's Foot knocking Frieza back.

Frieza: Why won't you just give up you bug

Ganon: Hah is that a joke.

Ganondorf uses another Wizard's Foot but Frieza fires a Death Beam from his finger hitting Ganondorf in the stomach causing Ganon to kneel in pain. Frieza chuckles and kicks Ganondorf in the chin causing Ganon's body to do a backflip in the air.

Frieza grabs Ganon's cape and throws him into a wall hurting Ganondorf's back but the wizard continues. Frieza fires another Death Beam but Ganondorf dodges and punches Frieza in the face shocking Frieza. Ganondorf then pulls out his twin Katanas and rapidly slashes Frieza in the face.

Ganon then uses a Warlock Punch but Frieza catches the fist and headbutts Ganon causing the dark wizard to stumble back. Frieza then delivers a powerful punch to Ganondorf's mid section causing Ganondorf to hit a wall and fall on the ground.

Frieza: Time to finish you you worm

Frieza then uses Big Bang Attack causing the entire castle to explode. When the coast was clear Frieza was flying away laughing as Ganondorf's dead body caught on fire.


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