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riza hawkeye vs misaka hawkeye space ghost vs superman
Ban vs gajeel


two tough guy rivals who actually care even though they don;t act like it fight to see who is tougher

pre fight

ban is seen walking along casually when he see gajeel standing next to a wall ban: hey what is the big idea

standing there this is private property! gajeel: pfft like i care ban: *In thoughts* man this guy acts like me oh

well ban: listen here tough guy if you think you can just waltz on in here like a pretty fairy gajeel: hey i am no

fairy i am a mage ban: well i don't know what a mage is but i bet it's not tough gajeel: sounds like it's time to

rumble gajeel: i second that motion

here we go!

bajeel uses fire at ban but ban is able to dodge it he then takes out his sword as he then slices bajeel a bit

but he just shrugs it off ban: what?! gajeel: hehe you will have to do better then that to beat me gajell using

all his strength pounds at ban but ban is too fast and kicks gajeel in the face ban just sirks ban: not too

smart are ya? gajeel then grabs ban and throws him and runs after him thinking he is done runs off but ban

comes out of nowhere and turns mad and transforms into his angry mode ban:this is where it ends my

friend! ban then unleashes his full fury on gajeel gajeel tries to dodge it but ban is too fast he can't even see

his attacks coming gajeel is then sent flying into a tower and it even puts a huge crack in it ban's angry

mode then runs out ban: finally i thought he never die suddenly as he leaves he hears a rumbling sound

gajeel: or so you think! i am a mage i may not be tough as i say i am but at least i am magical! gajeel then

summons a monster which is beneficially a chimera ban: sweet mother of molasses! what is that? gajeel: it's

a chimera it's a mythical monster look it up that being said time to put you out of your misery ban: aw crap!

ban then runs away but the chimera goes after him poor ban is trying all he can to tun but the chimera

eventually catches up and tears him apart one by one parts flying and blood spurting everywhere it is a

bloody mess gajeel: well looks that did more damage then i expected whoops... oh well as long as the board

doesn't find out i am good