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Doomsday is a character from DC Comics. He appeared in the 69th episode of Death Battle, Hulk VS Doomsday, where he fought the Hulk from Marvel Comics. He also fought Broly from Dragon Ball in an episode of DBX.

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Doomsday vs. Jason Voorhees (Shakaboy) (Old Version)

  • "Justice League. I have returned to kill you. Is this a bad time?" Doomsday confronting the Justice League
  • "Get ready to die." Doomsday preparing to fight the Justice League
  • "Wh-where is the Justice League? Who are you?" Doomsday landing in Camp Crystal Lake three days after his defeat by the Justice League and encountering Jason Voorhees
  • "No matter. I'll still crush you anyway, human." Doomsday before his fight with Jason
  • "Hmm? You're more than human?" Doomsday discovers Jason's immortality
  • "Ha!" Doomsday after punching Jason
  • "You'll regret that." Doomsday after Jason shoots him in the eye with a bow
  • "You're done for." Doomsday before crushing Jason
  • "Crushed like a bug." Doomsday stepping off of Jason's crushed body before the latter regenerates
  • "Still alive?" Doomsday after hearing Jason's trademark "Chi chi chi... ma ma ma..."
  • "Not bad..." Doomsday after Jason punches him with enough force that some of his spikes fall off
  • "But I think I can do better." Doomsday after kicking Jason through several oak trees
  • "So long." Doomsday after bashing Jason with his shoulder after a 30-second long stare down
  • "WHY WON'T YOU DIE?" Doomsday's first Villainous Breakdown when he sees Jason as Uber Jason
  • "...What? How did you manage to harm me?" Doomsday after Jason punches him
  • "My skin can resist a nuclear explosion!" Doomsday before throwing Jason into a rock, which shatters
  • "My bones can puncture steel!" Doomsday before Jason gets up
  • "I KILLED SUPE-" Doomsday before Jason cuts through his skull
  • "I'LL KILL YOU!" Doomsday's second Breakdown
  • "Today is getting better and better." Doomsday before presumably battling the Hulk