Marvel Comics Vs F-Zero! The world's most powerful kick takes on the world's most powerful punch!

History of the Matchup

Really not much theme here outside of the best attacks in all of video game history. Let’s just say that our favourite bounty hunter is after one of the biggest supervillains out there in a battle of tech and skill!


(Mute City, 0:00-0:21)

Waluigi: WAAAH! Waluigi time!

Waluigi runs forward, but is stopped dead in his tracks as his tennis racket is blasted out of his hands. Only stunned momentarily, he runs forward and tries to kick Doctor Doom, but the attack does nothing whatsoever, and Doom punches Waluigi’s head off.

Doom: What a farce! And they call his attacks universal. Hah! To Doom, a minor distraction!

Doom turns around and begins to walk over to his hovering throne, when suddenly, the Blue Falcon races in out of nowhere and crashes into the throne, sending it over the horizon.

Doom: What? You wretch!

Captain Falcon hops out of the ship and taunts at Doom.

Falcon: Show me your moves!

Doom: I shall send you back to the dead franchise that spawned you, bounty hunter!


(Mute City, 0:21-2:15)

Captain Falcon: Falcon Kick!

With his leg ignited, Captain Falcon shoots toward Doom, but the villain conjures a bubble-like forcefield around him and deflects the Bounty Hunter’s attack with ease. Doom opts for his laser pistol, but Cap dodges the shot, and runs in close again. His punches and kicks are all blocked by Doom’s armour, but when Doom tries to land an axe-kick, Falcon jumps to the side, grabs Doom’s leg, and throws it into the air. Doom effortlessly recovers using his suit’s rockets, and hovers in the air above Captain Falcon.



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