Darth Vader is the iconic villain of the Star Wars series. He fought Doctor Doom in an episode of Death Battle. He also fought Magneto from Marvel in a DBX.


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Darth Vader vs Ganondorf (Darth Lightsaber)

  • "Do not play me for a fool. Where is the Triforce?" Vader demanding Ganondorf to tell him where the Triforce is after making his entrance
  • "Impressive." Vader after being punched in the stomach by Ganondorf
  • "All too easy." Vader before finishing off Ganondorf

Darth Vader VS Kylo Ren (Wolverine-Man)

  • "I have felt a disturbance in the Force, master. It's... somewhat familiar to me, as if this person is... related to me somehow." Vader telling his master Darth Sidious that he has felt his grandson Kylo Ren through the Force
  • "Yes." Vader replying to Sidious' surprised "Related?"
  • (In his mind) "Supreme Leader Snoke? The First Order?" Vader wondering who Supreme Leader Snoke and the First Order are
  • "I will not leave the Death Star. To make me do so, you must defeat me in combat. You win and I will come with you to meet this Supreme Leader Snoke you refer to. But failure to win will cost you your life. Do you accept this duel?" Vader challenging Ren
  • "Good. But you will not have any mercy." Vader after Ren accepts his duel
  • "Impressive, I admit. But it's not enough for victory." Vader after Ren kicks him in the gut
  • "No, you have not beaten me. This isn't over. I still haven't shown you the entirety of my power." Vader when Ren holds him with the Force
  • "It's over. I have the high ground." Vader telling Ren to surrender
  • "Don't try it." Vader when Ren boasts that Vader underestimates his power
  • "I told you this wasn't over. And I did tell you I'd destroy you if you failed to beat me. So I hope you're regretting your choice of fighting me." Vader before he crushes a defeated Ren's throat


Darth Vader vs. Emboar

Tsubaki Yayoi vs. Darth Vader