Crocodile Vs. Krookodile 2
Crocodile Vs. Krookodile is Episode 5 of Desert Croc's DBXs. It features Crocodile from One Piece and the Pokemon Krookodile.


In this battle, a sand manipulator fights a creature he is named after, who also favors using the ground as a weapon! Which of the two will rule the desert?






Crocodile was walking through a desert when he sensed something.

"This isn't normal..."

He soon figured out what was happening and jumped back to avoid a Krookodile attacking him from beneath the sand.

"Well well, what do we have here?"

The Krookodile simply growled.

"Vile creature. You cannot kill me!"

The Krookodile roared.


Krookodile lunged forward and landed a few slashes on Crocodile, but all of the attacks were completely ineffective, as Crocodile turned into sand upon contact.


Crocodile hit Krookodile with his hook several times and then performed Desert Spada. He sent a blade of sand across the ground and it hit the Pokemon, sending him flying into the air. As it came back down, it burrowed its way underground. Crocodile thought it had fled and let his guard down. The Pokemon rose up out of the ground beneath his feet and grabbed him as it shot out of the ground. It then slammed Crocodile into the ground.

"You scum!"

Crocodile formed a blade of sand from the ground beneath Krookodile's feet. It rose up it hit him, knocking him backwards. Crocodile performed the same move a few more times and extended his arm to hit Krookodile with his hook. As Krookodile regained its senses, Crocodile created a sand tornado and sent it hurling towards the Pokemon.


Krookodile couldn't dodge so it tried something else. It used Sandstorm and created a sand tornado of its own. The two tornadoes clashed, creating a sand blast that blinded the two combatants. After the blast ended, Krookodile used Sand Tomb and trapped Crocodile in a sandstorm, constantly damaging him. It then jumped forward and punched him across the face. 

"You are a lot tougher than you look, but it ends here!"

Crocodile created a quicksand pit that tried to pull Krookodile in. It struggled to get away from it, but Crocodile kicked it further in. It was just about to be dragged underneath the sand but it used dig again. Crocodile was aware this time and jumped out of the way of the Pokemon's attack. He then grabbed it around the neck.

"You never had a chance!"

Crocodile was about to finish of the Krookodile, when he was hit in the face with its saliva, blinding him. Crocodile then performed Crunch and grabbed Crocodile's head with it's mouth. With one loud chomp, Crocodile's head came clean off and the Pokemon swallowed it.



Krookodile Winner

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