Cat vs Dog in a weakling battle!


One day in a backyard it was rather peaceful. It made you wanna play in it yourself! In the backyard was the Bully stopper Cool Cat.

Cool Cat was really bored and decided to go back inside. He opened up his computer and started to try to stop bullying.....but then he heard a voice. "HIYA!" He looked out his window and saw The Talking Karate Dog, Hong Kong Phooey.

Hong Kong Phooey karate chopped a boy in the head knocking him to the ground unconsious. So here's the story, Hong Kong Phooey wanted to play with the kids and practice his karate. Hong Kong Phooey approached the kids. A bully?! Cool Cat can't allow that. Cool Cat opened his window and jumped out. Hong Kong Phooey was using his karate to beat up multiple kids. 

"Leave those kids alone you dog bully!" Cool Cat said as he approached Hong Kong Phooey. "Back off or I will practice my karate on you!"

Here we gooooooo!

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