Cinder Fall is an antagonist from the web show RWBY.

Cinder fall

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Darth Sidious vs Cinder Fall (Rambosans)

  • "Hah, you wish old man!" Cinder to Darth Sidious before fighting him
  • "I've had enough of your games, old timer!" Cinder after tripping Sidious
  • "Not so cocky now, old man?" Cinder after launching Sidious into a pillar with an explosive arrow, also her last words

Bowser vs Cinder Fall (Peep4Life)

  • "Shh. This is your home now..." Cinder to the Grimm Dragon
  • "You ignorant beast..." Cinder before battling Bowser, also her last words

Ghost Rider vs Cinder Fall (Simbiothero)

  • "not... cannot be... This can not be happening..." Before the ghost rider used the Penance Stare, besides being their last words.