Christianthepupbot is probably the weirdest thing the Death Battle Fanon Wiki has ever seen. He keeps using JonTron memes and fighting users because he has nothing better to do.


Wikia ideas so far Edit

Christianthepupbot vs Temmie

Christianthepupbot vs BakaLord

Possible opponents Edit



any anime fanboy (Christian hates anime)




Powers and abilities Edit

-He can reboot mistakes he's made. This gives him a healing factor.

-Anything JonTron can do.

-Can find YTPMVs really fast.

-Can hurt his opponent's brain with puns.

-Can leave chat if in trouble.

-Can access a form called "Christianthecringy" Where he writes himself as really OP like all the other users for a cheap joke.

-Can sing.

-Can blast 80's songs onto people.


-The Skittles Blaster. A gun that looks like a skittles rapper that shoots rainbow lasers.

-Can tap into his inner past self and physically hurt people by being really stupid.

-Google Translate.

-Has his waifu, Ashley.

-MS Paint.

-Can become anyone by MS painting JonTron onto them.


Feats Edit

-Fought Mage four times, GA, and Temmie.

-Tasted the rainbow.

-Left chat.

-Survived being shot by fan boys over 40 times.

-Has only been banned from chat once.

-Got away with writing user fights.

-Annoyed Ari to the point of banning him.

-Destroyed stars with the skittles blaster.

Weakness Edit

-Is only 12-13.


-Doesn't know how to logic.

-Is bad at math.

-Is too young.


Themes Edit

When he's really feeling like Jontron

When he feels like doing the right thing and going on an adventure

When he really wants to kill you

When he has the upper hand (6:50 for when he has a before death speech)

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