Captain rainbow vs pepsiman

description Edit

two obscure characters fight it out and let me tell you it's all very strange

prefight Edit

captain rainbow was walking along with his yo yo looking looking around for something to do pepsiman was

close by as he was walking along as well drinking a pepsi suddenly they bumped into each other

pepsiman's pepsi can was spilt on the ground pepsiman was pissed he then challenged captain rainbow to

a duel captain rainbow got into a fighting stance as did pepsiman

fight Edit

Here we go!!!

pepsiman attacked first by punching captain rainbow in the face captain rainbow blocked and hit pepsiman

with his yo yo in the face pepsiman was sent flying this made him mad so pepsiman attacked by using

his martial arts skills and kicked captain rainbow in the face and gave him an eyepoke captain rainbow mad

at then used his rainbow powers to attack pepsiman pepsiman was struck in the face captain rainbow then

followed by hitting pepsiman with a flurry of yo yo hits pepsiman then caught the yo yo by the string and

pulled captain rainbow to him pepsman then uppercutted captain rainbow in slow motion sending him onto

the ground on his face pepsiman then had his own idea as captain rainbow got up pepsiman then said

"schwaa! and with that pepsi filled the screen and gave pepsiman a pepsi he drank it and gained an energy

boost pepsiman then attacked captain rainbow with blazing speed captain rainbow couldn't keep up

pepsiman then punched a hole right through the body of captain rainbow with that captain rainbow then fell

to the ground his corpse bleeding dead pesiman then rubbed his hands together as if to say job well done

then a car almost ran over him and captain rainbow's body was turned into a front car ornament pepsiman

then shook his fist at the car then threw his hands as if to say aw phooey he then walked on

outro Edit

boomstick: aw yeah that is how you make a season finale see you next season

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