• PizzaBlastX99

    TN Contest!

    August 19, 2017 by PizzaBlastX99

    yes this is a TN Contest,the winner will get to see his thumnails in my fights,so you need to create Captain America VS Solid Snake,Deathstroke VS Wolverine and Thanos VS Dimentio the winner will get to see his TN in my shitty fights,Good luck!

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  • Somebody495

    A Quick Question

    August 11, 2017 by Somebody495

    Hello viewers! I've come up with a few dbx ideas I'd like to work on after I finish up some of my current fights. However, my ideas will contain spoilers for Persona 5. So, I wish to ask what time would be appropriate to work on these fights so I don't have to worry about spoiling people?

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  • LeTotalMemer2

    Heroes and villians are going to gather to fight to le death in dbx!

    1st Top Row (Left to Right): Batman, Travis Touchdown, Black Spy, Megaman, Banjo, The Master, Lord Dominator

    2nd Top Row (LtR): Kazooie, James Bond, Spy, Deadpool, Jailbot, The Nostalgia Critic, Ruby Rose/Team RWBY, Doom Guy

    1st Bottom Row: Scott Pilgrim, Robocop, Duke Nukem, Whalewolf, Zero, Sharktopus, Gideon Graves, M. Bison

    2nd Bottom Row: Darth Vader, Fry, Zoidberg, Peter Griffin, Senator Armstrong, All Might, the Scout.

    Guess a match, and win a free tn.

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  • UltimateDespairDaniel

    Heroes, Villians, and Anti-Heroes will soon gather from different worlds and clash against each other, willing or unwilling. When that time comes who will remain victorious and who will suffer defeat and possiblly death? 

    Characters(Starting from top and goes left to right): 

    Shadow the Hedgehog(Sonic)

    Mao(Disgaea 3)

    Giselle(Stella Glow)

    Shadow Labyrs(Persona 4 Arena)

    Elizabeth(Persona 3)

    CC Sadist(Mugen Souls)

    Yu Narukami(Persona 4)

    Fenrich(Disgaea 4)

    Platinum the Trinity(Blazblue)

    Dark Pit(Kid Icarus Uprising)

    Killia(Disgaea 5)

    Sho(Lost Dimensions)

    Rin Okumura(Blue Exorcist)


    Aigis(Persona 3)

    Naoto Shirogane(Persona 4)

    Iris Heart(Hyperdimension)

    Ruby Rose(RWBY)



    Ragna the Bloodedge(Blazblue)

    Evil Cole MacG…

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  • Shakaboy

    Match Sale thingamajig

    July 17, 2017 by Shakaboy


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  • TheOneLegend

    Hey guys! TheOneLegend here, and I have some sad news. I'm too caught up with the One Minute Melee and DEATH BATTLE fanons, thus resulting in my absence from here, the DBX fanon. I've decided to put up all of my incompleted matches for sale, inculding any that I have adopted. I'm also leaving this wiki, not permanently, but you just won't see me a lot.

    Some matches aren't for sale. That's because they're gonna be my last hurrah for DBXs, in other words, I wanna finish them myself. No exceptions.

    Now to the good stuff, my match sale! Grab and take what you want, you're not limited to just one:

    It's a battle of bosses who love to throw everything they got at our blue heroes!

    My Chosen Winner: Plague Knight. I liked him more than Bomb-Man because…

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  • Demon CD

    16th-finals Eighth-finals Quarterfinals Semifinals Final Semifinals Quarterfinals Eighth-finals 16th-finals
    Kamina vs Leafa

    The Doctor vs Perry the Platypus
    Laura Bodewig vs Donnel
    Wolverine vs Magikarp
    Luigi vs Scott Pilgrim

    Sandbag vs Fox McCloud
    Korrina vs Raj
    Jack Spicer vs Isaac
    Bunnie Rabbot vs Cordelia

    Johnny Hotbody vs Kaos
    Guile vs Crash Bandicoot
    Danger Mouse vs Sans
    Sally Acorn vs Hulk

    NiGHTS vs Zero
    Professor Zoom vs Homura Akemi
    N vs Robbie Rotten Read more >
  • Demon CD

    Hey again, my DBXing friends... You probably remember my last attempt of creating a tournament... So, as an apology, I will hold another competition, this time doing it from very begin to last round. I hope you will join me in this epic adventure to create something great. :)

    1. You can pick up TO 4 characters from any source, but he/she/it need to have something, so I can work on.
    2. Fights will be decided by votes, so don't complain later about outcome of match.
    3. There will be only 32 places to fill and probably I won't make any more... Sorry guys.

    1. Professor Zoom (DC Comic)
    2. Jack Spicer (Xiaolin Showdown)
    3. Johnny Hotbody (Eastern Championship Wrestling)
    4. Magikarp (Pokemon)
    5. Bunnie Rabbot (Sonic the Hedgehog)
    6. Sandbag (Super Smash Bros)
    7. Isaac (Golden Sun)
    8. Zero …

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  • Awesome Arod

    Okay, so I'm on my phone and I'm looking at videos.  I randomly start looking at some science videos and I see a video on the strength of Mario.  I cliced it then saw the obvious, Mario is strong yadayadayada and the finally.  I think about, huh, I want to see the strength of Minecraft's blocky miner, Steve.  Now I knew the fucking obvious that Stvee was strong but I didn't consider the newest updates Shulker Boxes.  First off, they're badass, just the way they open is enough for me to want it, it makes me look like I'm a primitive Batman with it.  They are also backpacks, I can put extra tools, raw meat, and alot of other things.  But then I saw the video and realized I was so fucking stupid.  Steve can carry more solid gold blocks in the…

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    hey there are some forgotten dbx's i did so if you want to read them they are in my category so yeah give those a read

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  • Shakaboy

    TN Making Guy

    May 22, 2017 by Shakaboy

    Want a TN?

    I got ya.

    Two's the limit.

    Ask away, hombre

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  • 5555thExplosionMage

    I plan for the DBXs I write to follow a specific lore so here are the matches for those who are interested. Well, at least some hints.

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  • Joshuakrasinski


    April 21, 2017 by Joshuakrasinski

    hey guys recently i found out about some dbx's i found out had forgotten they are johnny cage vs mumen rider and captain rainbow vs pepsiman so you will vote for which dbx i should do from my season 2 finale the other will be sold to another user on here so yeah i will count the votes

    johnny cage vs mumen rider:

    captain rainbow vs pepsiman:

    also i found others but i will not consider not part of my season

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  • Awesome Arod

    Hola amiogs, awhile ago I made the battle with Mario, Sonic, Steve, PAC-MAN, Megaman, Master Chief, Heavy, and Tracer.  Was it good, bad?  Please give advice if it needs improvement.  And would anyone like more cluster fuck battles like this, if you do, LET ME KNOW!


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  • Wolverine-Man

    So I just finished my Season 2 lineup with Twilight Sparkle VS Goliath and am now ready for my third sason on this wiki. Here are the fights I am planning.

    • ??? (???) VS ??? (???) (Hint 1: They use guns. Hint 2: The first combatant has the name of a real-life building.)

    • Shrek VS Sulley
    • Biollante VS Perfect Chaos
    • Slender Man VS Nightmarionne
    • Scar VS Dag
    • Scorpion VS Raven Branwen
    • Lex Luthor VS Doctor Doom
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  • TheDragonDemon

    or should I say storyboard sprite! that way I'll make this completed fights, and then someone could make animation from storyboard! that's for sure to agree!

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  • Shakaboy

    Guess the Fights!

    April 9, 2017 by Shakaboy

    Inspired by DENSTIFY1, I decided to do a guessing game for future fights. Pick on one the red to fight one on the blue.

    Only rule is that you can only pick two.

    Guess away my dudes

    • Bane vs Luke Cage
    • Bowser vs Ghost Rider
    • Genos vs War Machine
    • Donald Trump vs DDD
    • Papyrus vs Zim
    • Aku vs Akuma
    • Ganon vs Erza
    • Esdeath vs Satsuki
    • Shazam vs Spawn

    • Shazam vs Ghost Rider
    • Ganondorf vs King Dedede
    • Donald Trump vs Invader Zim (I actually think this is better than my original idea)
    • Akuma vs Ganon
    • Esdeath vs Erza
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  • BMHKain

    SEASON IV Guessings

    April 7, 2017 by BMHKain

    4th fight in, I already have SEASON IV Planned.  Here are some hints...

    1. Watchdog Man (ONE PUNCH MAN) vs ???

    Bipedal Dog heroes!

    Hint 1: Shiba Inu costume vs legit bipedal dog.

    Hint 2: Anyone up for Power Instinct?

    Hint 3: Watchdog Man can fight a Demon Level threat on his own. HE, fought one!

    2. Baiken vs Raven

    Samurai ladies kick some ass!

    3. Cait & Sith vs A. Phex Brothers

    Kids play with twin killers!

    4. Victini vs Deltamon

    Another Poke/Digi rivalry, this time, with miraculous results!

    5. Neco-Arc vs Zwei

    Lolcat vs Faildog. We dine in hell.

    6. Bravo (CHAOS CODE) vs El Fuerte (STREET FIGHTER)


    7. Rocket Raccoon vs Wolf O'Donnell

    Thought the Star Wars Original Trilogy is better? The Prequels are better. NOT AN OPINION.

    8. Rena vs ???

    Two gal…

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  • Pure King of Rage

    My first match sale on this wiki

    • Connections: Two wrathful who would go to exterme lengths to get revenge.
    • Why I dropped it: Lost Interest.

    • Connections: Geniuses and Great Leaders
    • Why I dropped it: Lost Interest

    • Connections: Devious Prankmasters
    • Why I dropped it: Lost Interest

    • Connections: Flaminng Warriors
    • Why I dropped it: Lost Interest

    • Connections: Trouble making trios
    • Why I dropped it: Lost Interest
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  • BMHKain

    Because my previous Sale was a failure, here are some more fights to choose...

    1. Lightning Farron (FINAL FANTASY) vs Raiden (METAL GEAR)

    Two Badasses, one duel.

    Why I Rejected: I can think of better.

    2. Boruto Uzumaki (NARUTO) vs Hokutomaru (GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES)

    Kid Ninjas. One under his father's rival, the other? Blessed with Suck.

    Why I Rejected: Hokutomaru. Nuff Said.

    3. Johnathan Joestar (JOJO'S BIZZARE ADVENTURE) vs Captain Commando (Eponymous Series)

    Badass Heroic Leads that kickass.

    Why I Rejected: John is not from JoJolion, and Captain Commando is weak in comparison.

    4. Noriaki Kakyoin (JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE) vs Nissa Revane (MAGIC: the Gathering)

    They're Badass, and they're green.

    Why I Rejected: Will confirm a better foe for Nissa …

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  • Shakaboy

    Match Sale

    March 17, 2017 by Shakaboy

    Free DBXs for the taking.

    Connections: Two of the most popular news reporters of all time.

    Why I dropped it: how am i supposed to make two middle-aged men fight

    Connections: Teenage trios of cyborgs

    Why I dropped it: Kind of a dumb idea.

    Adopted by: Finn

    Connections: Puns

    Why I dropped it: Same reason as Carl vs Keem

    Connections: British and cynical Youtubers

    Why I dropped it: ^

    Connections: Immature demigods

    Why I dropped it: Lost interest 

    Connections: Edgy lab rats

    Why I dropped it: Found better fights

    Adopted by: TheOneLegend

    Connections: Angry giants who lost loved ones

    Why I dropped it: The idea bored me

    Connections: Gods of monsters

    Why I dropped it: Found better opponents for both

    Connections: Flamboyant fighters

    Why I dropped it: Lost interest


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  • BMHKain

    After I did so many fights without a Legitimate Season, I'm finally announcing a SEASON III for my fights! This is currently in a WIP Status, so let these franchises fill your head with ideas for guesses...

    UPDATE: Roster confirmed. I will submit the fights for Thumbs...

    1: Papi (MONSTER MUSUME) vs Sky Scout (YU-GI-OH!)

    Avian life try and fight in the sky!

    2: Elsword (Eponymous Series) vs Adol Christin (Ys)

    Two Red headed Swordsmen clash blades!

    3: Tornado of Terror (ONE PUNCH MAN) vs Jace Beleren (MAGIC: the Gathering)

    The Mind is a Terrible thing to waste...

    4: Mika Returna (Under Night IN-BIRTH) vs Vi (LEAGUE OF LEGENDS)


    5: Adam Taurus (RWBY) vs Vein (CHAOS CODE)

    Two cold-hearted Iaido Practitioners strike!

    6: Rorolina Frixell (Ateli…

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  • BMHKain

    Once again, a sale emerges. You know what this is, you know what to do...

    1: Platinum the Trinity (BlazBlue) vs Kaguya, The Moonlit Savior (FORCE OF WILL)

    Two underage Magical Girls clash to see who can kick more butt.

    2: Lightning Farron (FINAL FANTASY XIII) vs Raiden (METAL GEAR)

    Badasses. What more do you want?

    3: Rocket Raccoon (MARVEL) vs Wolf O' Donnell (STARFOX)

    A battle of good and evil in space!

    4: Pale (Wonderful World) vs Miku Izayoi (DATE A LIVE)

    They resemble Pop-Stars, but are very dangerous!

    5: Shin Hisako (KILLER INSTINCT) vs Zankuro (SAMURAI SHODOWN)

    Two Powerful Samurai pit their blade at each other!

    6: Blaster Blade (Cardfight VANDGUARD) vs  Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword (FORCE OF WILL)

    This one's an homage to TOSHIKI OVERLORD...


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  • BMHKain

    OK, here's the situation.

    I want to broaden my horizons for my fights to potentially get more fans. And lesser franchises I like don't seem to do anything about it, and even if it did, there is always hate to the point of not accepting who I think should win.

    NO MORE.

    I decided to do a poll to decide which characters you want that I plan to use (Besides OVERWATCH, Arc Based Fighters, & Wonderful World.). These franchises include:

    Also, this is important. I want you to mention just one character you think I'll like, and their source origin. Think of it as a Step 1 for fights of the future I plan to make, and possibly get into that franchise.

    Good luck to you all, & I hope to use your suggested characters in the future... ^_^

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  • TheDragonDemon

    I made 60 pages of art and pages! I don't have time to make this story. I'm in a middle of learning Japanese and play ps3 or ps4 games. this takes too long to make stories!

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  • AtomicMonkey4Life

    Ok.  So I see that some people don't get the whole put your fight in the comments thing.  So, I have an I idea.  I could just make the DBX's at the start as regular DBX's like most tournaments, but one, there will be a tabber separating both users, and two, have the people reading the fights choose who they think wins.

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  • ZackAttackX

    No more. I'm done...

    February 20, 2017 by ZackAttackX

    ...for a while anyway!

    Good morning/afternoon/evening/night everyone, ZackAttackX here. 

    So here's the problem. I have quite a lot of ideas for potential fights, but I'm not exactly sure how to write them in an inventive way that will actually keep people interested. With the exception of Shadow vs Sunset Shimmer, I haven't really published a fight recently that has been balanced, or I have left out important factors concerning some characters. I know there's the whole "no rules" thing, but I don't want that to be my only excuse.

    I'm also running the risk of repetitivity - as my profile states, my knowledge on anime and manga is limited and my game library is about as small as Roman Reigns'... moveset. What did you think I was going to say? Y…

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    Valentine's tournament!

    February 14, 2017 by DENSTIFY1


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  • BakaLord

    TN making is back

    February 3, 2017 by BakaLord

    So yeah, the last one fucked up via connection and i just feel like making a fresh (meme) one

    so yeah

    Just tell me the fight and if you want features and ect

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  • Shakaboy

    I'm Back

    January 20, 2017 by Shakaboy's been a while.

    I'm returning with more DBXs and remastering all my old ones. 

    Go check 'em out if ya want.

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  • BMHKain

    BMH COUNTDOWN. Best Theme ideas for Planes of Existences for MAGIC: the Gathering.

    With Blocks like Return to Ravnica, Battle for Zendikar, and even Shadows over Innistrad setting the standard for sequel blocks, and Kaladesh finally being the quintessential Block for technology, MAGIC: the Gathering has seen a new age since the Bronze Age of the franchise. But there are plenty of ideas that would expand the lore, and make the franchise better than ever. With the Egyptian plane of existence coming in the future, ideas of all kinds are going bonkers since Planechase Anthology. Such ideas may lead to more, unique themes later on...











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  • BMHKain

    BMHKain's Fight Blog 2

    December 25, 2016 by BMHKain

    With Ishtar vs Nahiri over with a crazy plot twist, time to redo the blog. Guess away...


    Godzilla vs Gamera Protector, retrois.

    Ragna is now dead, and Hato-chan wants a new rivalry. Sadly for Mai, SHE will take Ragna's place!

    These two are older than King Arthur, and are 100x as awesome.

    Buddhism means war.

    OH CRAP.

    Metal infused Neowalker vs Green Mana Mech?! WHAT.

    Time to get SHAFTED!

    Elaine Benes is definitely not going to like this one...

    FIRE AWAY!!!

    Sash was already screwed by Serpentine. What makes her any better than a FRIGGEN NEOWALKER?!

    You don't even have a brain, Jim!




    Rei & Pharah aren't pleased...


    THIS. Is a true dinosaur fight.


    Evil is INFINITE.


    Which waifu will save the wor…

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  • TheDragonDemon

    all my creators! i made my pages. placing my characters vs. of arts and images, polls, and catagorys! they called me user: TheDragonDemon

    this is my season 1. if u look at my pages of Deathbattle and DBX vs.

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  • AtomicMonkey4Life

    Tournament Fights

    December 18, 2016 by AtomicMonkey4Life

    The tournament is on now.

    Post your fight in the comments under the name of your fight.


    Mini Titan Gett vs Caboose (Finnmcmissilecar vs BakaLord)

    Superboy vs Giorno Giovanna (Sharon Shing Huang vs TheOneLegend)

    Kagura Mutsuki vs Noctis (John1Thousand vs MPGAnnihilator)

    Decidueye vs Diddy Kong (TheSoulofMelemele vs RoaringRexe)

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  • John1Thousand


    December 17, 2016 by John1Thousand

    Dear Fellow Users,

    I would like to take this time to apologize for my actions the last couple of months. I would like to apologize to the following people.

    Thetmartens: First I would like to say that what I did was wrong. If you don't want to talk to me, but please forgive me. I know I'm not perfect but, I learned the last two weeks that what I did, could impact those around me.

    I hope to continue making battles for everyones pleasure. This is something that I truly love and I don't want it to be ever taken away from me again. As for the fights that are plagiarism, I will redo them, all will have same results, but different. Thank you for reading this. Please stay tuned for my latest fights.


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  • AtomicMonkey4Life

    DBX Tournament

    December 16, 2016 by AtomicMonkey4Life

    I know that there is a tournament on Death Battle Wiki that people get a character and have to explain why they would beat the opponent.  I want to do something like that, but with Death Battle Exibition(DBX), where there's no research and the winner can be decided on different things.

    'That is considered a win in the record book

    Star(*)If odd number, you get bigger number.

    1. All of the DBX's with your character winning' will become official unofficial DBX's*, and a spot in the "All winners tournament)
    2. Half DBX's with your character winning' of your choosing will become official unofficial DBX's*'.
    3. One DBX with your character winning' of your choosing will become an official unofficial DBX*.

    This is where the tournament fights are posted.

    1. BakaLo…

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  • TheDragonDemon


    December 15, 2016 by TheDragonDemon

    lucky me! i am 32,000 edits on my wiki! this gold badge earn only 1 person! ^_^

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  • Nintendoguy21


    December 15, 2016 by Nintendoguy21

    Just Saying DBX Is Awesome

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  • BMHKain

    Huge Match Sale... WHA?

    December 14, 2016 by BMHKain

    So, now I'm at Ishtar vs Nahiri (Which would've been my Season 3 Finale...), I decided to make a sale with some surprisingly good Ideas. I'll still do this even as I eventually die fighting here. For now, pick your fights, make your images, and good luck. I'm losing my touch anyway...

    Captain Falcon vs Azrael


    Are any internet memes powerful enough to murder the Mad Dog?!

    Claimed by: John1thousand

    Lobo vs Duke Nukem


    Does anyone have any Big Red?

    Claimed by:

    Venom Snake vs Gabe Logan


    With Sam Fisher dead, which of these two will remain?

    Claimed by:

    Vi vs Mika Returna


    Hammer to Hammer my ass. Let's settle this with a fistfight!

    Claimed by:

    Astro Boy vs Cyberman


    Rock can't beat Tobio 2.0, but can an upgraded Cyberman do so?

    Claimed by: Finnmcm…

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  • CallMeKnuckles

    So, basic tl;dr is that I'm leaving the Wiki. Why? Basically, on DBF I've migrated to my DeviantArt, and put everything there. It feels very redundant to post DBXs to both there and here, so I'm cloing this up and I'll get to most of the ones I would have done here. Here it is if you're interested. BUT WAIT, YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS



    Sold to: John1Thousand

    Sold to: John1Thousand

    Sold to:

    Sold to:

    Sold to: Finnmcmisslecar

    I'll still be around here, I just won't write any more battles. See ya later!

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  • RoaringRexe

    I know Doomguy vs Kratos was supposed to be an epic bloodbath and Fulgore vs Baraka would be the same but I've lost interest so they are now up for adoption. 

    Doomguy vs Kratos Sold To: 

    Fulgore vs Baraka Sold To: 

    So I'll be moving on to my Season 2 of DBXs. Consider Glacius vs Esdeath my Season 1 Finale I guess. 

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  • BakaLord

    Pics end next week

    Voting ends next fortnight

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    Season 2 lineup

    November 26, 2016 by DENSTIFY1


    I know season 2 is a while away now but I felt like hyping it up a bit by showing you every single upcoming fight and nothing els-


    Yup! I'll leave you with some clues and you have to guess what fights are coming next.


    My only rules are that you can only leave one guess per comment, and you'll have to wait until someone else comments to leave another guess. You can also guess what character is going to be in what episode as well as guess a fight.

    Can't be bothered with the rules anymore. Just guess away.



    Who knew owning a company made you such an asshole


    Such a peaceful, happy town, let's muck it all up!

    Two famous users of technolo…

    Read more >
  • TheDragonDemon


    November 25, 2016 by TheDragonDemon

    i had alot of ideas to post Death Battle, DBX, and One Minute Melee! look at my polls of all vs.-->[http://]

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  • Mr. Bambu

    Hi there. I don't have anything really introducing myself which is sorta a tradition to me (I do this on every wiki I go to... heh). Anyways.

    In the future I plan on writing a LOT of DBX/Death Battle/OC Death Battle both here and on deviantArt. If you have LEGITIMATE suggestions, please, feel free (no spam please, and while I hate to name someone in particular, Joshhornbaker3, please do not comment with any of your requests). Anyhow, I didn't have some major ideology to spread to you nice internet dwellers, I'll go back to writing now. Cheers, lads, and good luck in your endeavors (well... to the four of you that actually read this). 

    Read more >
  • ThunderbladeX


    I need some DBX fanon fights from other people in order to complete my DBX fight, Thunder vs Agent since the two fighters will be hopping all over this site as well as the Death Battle Fanon Wiki.

    If ya wanna request one of your fights, go right ahead!

    But they MUST BE COMPLETE.

    Note that even when I register these fights, some might not appear due to wanting a set number of DBX and DB fights in my own fight.

    - Guts vs Ike

    - Adam Taurus vs Jin Kisaragi

    - SpaceGodzilla vs Red Hulk

    - Frollo vs Gaston

    - Ruby vs Scout

    Kunagi Tenrou vs. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing

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  • WarpyNeko930

    Well, Christmas is coming. So I was like

    "It's the most magical time of the year" 


    How about a DBX entirely like, filled with magic? A quick one, an 8 Person Tournament, based on votes.

    So, spots are gonna fill up quick. Suggest a MAGICAL opponent, and imma use them. Strictly magic. And I mean STRICTLY magic. 

    -Psychic Powers don't count. Just to note.

    • Bayonetta
    • Twilight Sparkle
    • Kefka Palazzo
    • Doctor Strange
    • Sailor Moon
    • Eric Cartman
    • Zizou Olympia
    • Celeste

    • Bayonetta Vs Zizou Olympia
    • Twilight Sparkle Vs Eric Cartman
    • Doctor Strange Vs Kefka Palazzo
    • Celeste Vs Sailor Moon
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  • Joshuakrasinski

    reboot? or reuse

    November 18, 2016 by Joshuakrasinski

    hey i just wanted to ask should i reboot my dbx series or reuse characters i have used before just asking

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  • Demon CD

    Voting ends November 24th.

    1st Row 2nd Row
    • Ein vs Glalie

    • Blaze vs Coldman

    • Hotaru Shidore vs The Joker

    • Whispy Woods vs Grinch

    • Old Nick vs Dante

    • Nostalgia Critic vs Alexander Anderson

    • Pizza Boy vs TTBoy

    • The Keeper vs Sub-Zero

    • Jesus Christ vs Burgerpants

    • Sumo Santa vs The Flying Spaghetti Monster

    • Lazlo vs Rimururu

    • Robo-Santa vs Legolas

    • Pyramid Head vs Captain Cold

    • Kidutut vs Chrysalis

    • Mr Freeze vs Pit

    • SanTANK vs Santa Claus
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  • RoaringRexe

    Hey! Welcome the the Double Duel Tournament, where fighters from the Multiverse team up with another fighter to win the Double Duel Tournament. Yes there is a small story within and a super radical secret Final Boss. Now the rules!

    1. A single user will submit two fighters who will be fighting alongside each other in the tournament. Example. 

    User 1 will be submitting Fighter A and Fighter B. 

    2. The two fighters must not be from the same Universe. 

    3. If your character is above the Tier of, they are not allowed into the Tournament. I just don't feel comfortable with say, Madoka Kaname vs Widowmaker. Superman vs Scorpion. See where I am getting at? 

    4. Characters must be similar i…

    Read more >

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