• Magmatic Dinosaur Char

    Relicanth VS Shadow the Hedgehog is a joke DBX made by Char. 

    Two Ultimate Lifeforms duke it out to the death! Will Relicanth rock Shadow's World or get cut by the edge?

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  • ZombieSlayer23

    Announcement. The Sky High Tournament on the OMMF Wiki will be moved over here due to more people over here, me being more active here, and me liking this wiki more. The main page will still stay on that wiki, and I will link the main page on the battles to the battles. The battles for the Round 1 of the Tournament are below.

    * Ness vs Knuckles

    * Daredevil vs Deadshot

    * Juri Han vs Sub Zero

    * Vergil vs Link

    * Master Chief vs Adam Taurus

    * The Spy vs Woody

    * Sakura vs Bass

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  • EPKingMaster

    Some crazy shit's gone on in FR, let's put the products of that fuckery into a Bloody Battle Royale, Shall we?

    Axel vs Elia vs Pierce vs Lilith vs Leah vs Avenger vs Miyako.

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  • Batman129

    ​the memetic Tyrants duel!      


    Donald trump was on twitter reading tweets when he came across drama alert.

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  • Somebody495

    Card Duel

    November 15, 2017 by Somebody495

    Hello viewers! So, I recently began a sort of experimental battle idea. in Shadow the Hedgehog vs. Seto Kaiba, I'm trying to have a Yu Gi Oh character emulate their battle strategy and essentially fight their opponent with said strategy. I wish to see this style grow.

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  • Peep4Life

    Smash Tournament Sign Up

    November 14, 2017 by Peep4Life

    Welcome to the Smash Bros tournament sign up. As the name suggests, this tournament will only feature characters from the Super Smash Bros. games. Please leave nominations in the comments (2 nominations per profile) and I will accept the first 16! 

    The tournament will begin in the coming days (maybe after a week at most) to allow me to complete my tenth season of DBXs. 

    All characters will only be allowed their Smash Bros moveset from their most recent appearances, I.E, Zelda can't transform in battle, or characters with extensive arsenals such as Link, Pit and Mega Man will be limited to their basic sets in the game. 

    As much as this pains me to say, I will not be including characters from Super Smash Flash (sorry Shadow, Goku, Naruto etc.) …

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  • Densetsu1999

    Vegeta vs.

    Zero vs.



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  • Densetsu1999

    Round 3 Qualifiers

    November 2, 2017 by Densetsu1999

    Vegeta vs.




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  • Roymaster11

    Roymaster11 vs EPTOG

    October 19, 2017 by Roymaster11

    I'll put this later.

    No rules blah blah just bloodshed let's get to two edgelords killing each other.

    It was a normal and usual day, EP was in his apartment getting drunk like the usual alcoholic he is. Roy was then outside of his apartment flipping a vodka bottle. "Hmph, that was rather easier than I thought." he tossed it up about to catch it until EP bursted down his door. 

    (Cue - Blazblue Centralfiction - God of War )

    Roy jumped back, as EP glares at Roy, as the edgiest of the blade sighed. "OKAY! ARE YOU THE FUCKFACE WHO TOOK MY WODKA!? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!" EP yelled as Roy looks at him with a speechless look, "Look, I can just hand it o--" EP interrupted Roy smashing his face onto Roy's fa…

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  • Densetsu1999

    Zero vs Metal Sonic

    Roadhog vs Captain falcon

    Tarrasque vs Thunder Megazord

    Hikage vs Sai

    Hakumen vs White Ranger (Tommy Oliver

    Shadow vs Wario

    Lucas vs NiGHTS

    Eleonora vs Scar

    Vegeta vs Luigi

    Chun-li vs Clare

    Senator Armstrong vs Itachi

    Noire vs Wonder woman

    Scott vs Lucy Heartfilia

    Darth Vader vs Ike

    Lubbock vs Reptile

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  • Densetsu1999

    Round 2 qualifiers

    1. Zero

    2. Hikage

    3. Eleonora

    4. Scizor

    5. Hakumen

    6. Shadow

    7. Vegeta

    8. Clare

    9. Itachi

    10. Wonder Woman

    11. Darth Vader

    12. Ike

    13. Scott Pilgrim

    14. Lucy Heartfilia

    15. NiGHTS

    16. Noire

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    i am giving away two fights cause i have alot of ideas 


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  • EPKingMaster


    Here's the roster

    Leave your guesses below, to those of you whove already guessed correctly on discord, I forgot who you were, so you'll have to guess again


    Anyways, here:

    Already Revealed: 

    Mega Man vs The Meta (Season premiere)

    Rose vs McCree (Made before this blog post)

    Natasha vs Widowmaker (Legend)

    Hulk vs Groudon (Legend)

    Medic vs Junkrat (Soul)

    Blaziken vs Yang (Den)

    Ren vs Genji (ZackAttack)

    EDIT: A heads up, most of these fights have the shittiest and flimsiest connections. 

    Just throwing that out there.

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  • Densetsu1999

    DBX Tournament

    October 6, 2017 by Densetsu1999

    Hi there DBX Fanon users, Den here. And today I am going to do my first ever DBX tournament. I will have a 32-bit Tournament. Feel free to pick a character and i'll add it to the roster. I'll start with Zero. oh and it's video game, anime and movie themed

    1. Zero (Densetsu1999)

    2. Sai (Finnmisslecar)

    3. Senator Armstrong (Somebody495)

    4. Lubbock (ZackattackX)

    5. Tarrasque (Time)

    6. Lucas (Pikart)

    7.  Darth Vader (Ultimatelifeform)

    8. Vegeta (Ultimatelifeform

    9. Reptile (ShadowKaras)

    10. Shadow (Ultimatelifeform

    11. Clare (Blakethetabby)

    12. Scar (Ultimatelifeform

    13. Eleonora (BlaketheTabby

    14. Lucy Heartfilia (Sharon Shing Huang)

    15. Glaile (DENSTIFY

    16. Hikage (Sharon shing huang)

    17. Chun-Li (Bloodstarz22

    18. ThunderMegazord (Scythe Watch

    19. Ike (RoyMast…

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    no battle today

    September 23, 2017 by Joshuakrasinski

    the reason is i was gonna make one today but i forgot

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  • LeTotalMemer2


    "Are you sure we should do this?" a user said. This was Shakaboy. "OF COURSE! Beside, i confirmed this fight, and This is going to be the greatest dbx yet." said Another user. This was LeTotalMemer2. He pressed a button, releasing the two combatants.

    Insert some intresting stuff to make them fight.

    Both Hipper Wario and Blur Sonic got into a fighting stance, ready to fight.


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  • Gold-sans mobile

    Pikart767 vs Golden-Sans78 is a What-If? episode of DBX.





    "GAH, C'MON! NO FAIR!" Golden-Sans yelled as he lost yet another game of SSF2 to Pikart. Both where playing a game, and GS was getting his ass kicked. "Well, maybe you should't do nothing but spam B..." Pik replied. "You wanna play something else?" GS thought hard for a strate 5 minutes until..."Yeah, I got nothing." Both groaned and tried to think until Pik said "Well, how about a real fight? I'll grab a few 1-Ups in case someone dies." GS replied with "Oh, ok." Both went outside, did a Samurai Bow, and prepared to fight.


    Both of the fighters ran up to each other to begin fighting as GS threw the first punch. Pik …

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  • Gold-sans mobile

    I swear I'm not ripping off Hipper

    Oh, jesus christ, Rouge the Bat. Now, I like Sonic and most of it's characters, especially Eggman, Knuckles, and Shadow. But Rouge...OH BOY. Rouge does not fit in the Sonic games AT ALL, mostly because of her looking like a Conkers Bad Fur Day character. Plus, boobs on a bat is weird. Not only that, but she's just unbearable, with her personallity being pretty much a flirty dick. Oh, and I'm 100% sure she's the reason people draw Rule 34 of Sonic characters, though I could be wrong about that. Overall, she's shit.

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  • ThunderbladeX


    Ken vs Urbosa

    Raiden vs Ike

    Scrooge vs Negaduck

    Yukino vs Shikuzu

    Smoke vs Murasaki

    Lubbock vs Souji

    Noel vs Jango Fett

    McGruff vs Black Baron


    Genos vs Raditz

    Kiba vs Keldeo

    Scizor vs Speedy

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  • LeTotalMemer2

    BangJang96 vs. Morty

    September 14, 2017 by LeTotalMemer2



    Bang was currently on his computer, watching some stuff being the perv he is. (No Offense Bang!)

    He soon got a call from his old friend, Rick Sanchez.

    RS (VO) : Yo, Bang, wanna come over and meet my grandson Mo-*Urp*-Morty?

    Bang: Yeah, sure why not.

    So, Bang ran out of his house, going as fast as the flash before he headed to the Sanchez's.

    Rick: Ah, B-Bang *Urp* It's nice to see you old fr-friend.

    After some talking, Rick was outcold, and Bang decided to explore. He soon found the garage

    Bang soon saw Morty. Suddenly, Bang recongozied Morty as a guy who ranted on him on the DBF Chat before he got banned as he released a picture of himself.

    Bang: YOU!

    Morty then recognized Bang from the DBF Chat.

    Morty: YOU!

    Morty grabbed a gun on a table an…

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  • ThunderbladeX

    TN Request Page

    September 13, 2017 by ThunderbladeX

    Two blogs in one day?  I must be extermely bored, no?

    Anyway, yeah this is a Thumbnail request blog, two requests per user.

    HOWEVER, if I cannot find an image of a character with a transparent background, I will ask to give another match-up to replace the one I cannot do.

    I have examples of my work: 

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  • ThunderbladeX

    Welp, I now have a device that can use this wiki (but not others, sorry DBF), and now that I have muse, a tournament shall be held to celebrate my return.

    NOTE: No, I'm not going to continue the tag team tourney, I don't have the patience to finish it.

    With that very short introduction said, let the games. . .B E G I N.

    1.) Two characters per user, NO FOOGIN' MEMES.

    2.) Once 16-32 characters have been registered, this page will no longer be taking characters.

    3.) Welp, that's it. HERE WE GOOO!!

    Smoke (Mortal Kombat, nominated by ThunderbladeX)

    Genos (One Punch Man, nominated by ThunderbladeX)

    Kiba Inuzuka (Naruto, nominated by Sharon Shing Huang)

    Ken (Street Fighter, nominated by Sharon Shing Huang)

    Ike (Fire Emblem, nominated by Peep4Life)

    Raditz (D…

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  • LeTotalMemer2

    Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8
    Bill Cipher vs Ness

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  • LeTotalMemer2

    H-H-ello. I am J29M. You can just call me t-t-he annoucer. We are currently in a state of crisis. 32 characters must be forced to fight apparently in order to save it. their will be no death though. 2 nomations per person

    1: Scott Pilgrim (..., Nominated by: Shakaboy)

    2: Broly (Dragon Ball, Nominated by:Shakaboy)

    3: Pit (Kid Icarus, Nominated by: SoulofMelemele)

    4: Homura Akemi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Nominated by SoulofMelemele)

    5: Mewtwo (Pokemon, nominiated by: Jesse Gamer) 

    6: Kirito (SAO, nominated by: Jesse Gamer)

    7: Abobo (Abobo's Big Adventure, Nominated by: Mystical Trixer)

    8: Duke Nukem (..., Nominated by: Mystical Trixer)

    9: Ike (Fire Emblem, Nominated by: Fazzy Bear)

    10: Primal Groudon (Pokemon, nominated by: Fazzy Bear)

    11: Aku (Samu…

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  • Hipper






    Yo, I'm the king of adult comedies, and I'm always big game.

    Come back to me when you have a place in the MLB Hall of Fame!

    I've dominated the TV, you're just an idiot on crack.

    I'll always beat you in rapping, no matter how many times you come back!

    Both you and your boyfriend Mickey can suck my balls!

    I'll break you more times than you've broken the 4th wall!

    Is this what those people at Fox call comedy?

    Because all I see is an unfunny family who constantly see celebrities.

    Your whole show was never funny, you're like a comedic disease!

    I'll kill you and your little Bart with ease, and do your wife as I please!

    Everyone knows that you're just a comedy hack.

    Who's got a voice more annoying than Rebecca B…

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  • Hipper






    I'm the most evil man of the world, and I commanded the Third Reich.

    How is this fool supposed to beat me when he can't even beat a fat plumber in a fight?

    Just like the Jews, I'll gas you and your army.

    You can't even conquer one tiny little castle while I conquered all of Germany!

    You're nothing but a Ganondorf wannabe but even weaker and more moronic.

    I've played Bowser's Inside Story, and it sucked dick!

    Mwahaha, you really think you can beat me?

    I'm the most famous video game villain while you're an idiotic Nazi!

    You're a stupid Napoleon fanboy with a mustache the size of a rock.

    You can tell all your German followers to suck my Koopa cock.

    I hit hard like Donkey Kong, and crush enemies like a Thwomp.


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  • Gold-sans mobile

    Guess the fights

    August 31, 2017 by Gold-sans mobile

    Basically, you guess who is fighting who on this roster. Please only guess one per comment so others can try and guess.

    Happy hunting ;^)

    • Knuckles vs Little Mac
    • Mickey Mouse vs Astro Boy
    • Calvin vs Harold
    • Han Solo vs Rocket Raccoon
    • Robocop vs Inspector Gadget
    • Wreck-It Ralph vs The Thing
    • He-Man vs Saitama
    • Spongebob vs Minion
    • Bill Cipher vs Asriel
    • Kirby vs Sackboy
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  • PizzaBlastX99

    TN Contest!

    August 19, 2017 by PizzaBlastX99

    yes this is a TN Contest,the winner will get to see his thumnails in my fights,so you need to create Captain America VS Solid Snake,Deathstroke VS Wolverine and Thanos VS Dimentio the winner will get to see his TN in my shitty fights,Good luck!

    if no one is making Thumbnails to this after i finish IGN VS WatchMojo 

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  • Somebody495

    A Quick Question

    August 11, 2017 by Somebody495

    Hello viewers! I've come up with a few dbx ideas I'd like to work on after I finish up some of my current fights. However, my ideas will contain spoilers for Persona 5. So, I wish to ask what time would be appropriate to work on these fights so I don't have to worry about spoiling people?

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  • LeTotalMemer2

    Heroes and villians are going to gather to fight to le death in dbx!

    1st Top Row (Left to Right): Batman, Travis Touchdown, Black Spy, Megaman, Banjo, The Master, Lord Dominator

    2nd Top Row (LtR): Kazooie, James Bond, Spy, Deadpool, Jailbot, The Nostalgia Critic, Ruby Rose/Team RWBY, Doom Guy

    1st Bottom Row: Scott Pilgrim, Robocop, Duke Nukem, Whalewolf, Zero, Sharktopus, Gideon Graves, M. Bison

    2nd Bottom Row: Darth Vader, Fry, Zoidberg, Peter Griffin, Senator Armstrong, All Might, the Scout.

    Guess a match, and win a free tn.

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  • UltimateDespairDaniel

    Heroes, Villians, and Anti-Heroes will soon gather from different worlds and clash against each other, willing or unwilling. When that time comes who will remain victorious and who will suffer defeat and possiblly death? 

    Characters(Starting from top and goes left to right): 

    Shadow the Hedgehog(Sonic)

    Mao(Disgaea 3)

    Giselle(Stella Glow)

    Shadow Labyrs(Persona 4 Arena)

    Elizabeth(Persona 3)

    CC Sadist(Mugen Souls)

    Yu Narukami(Persona 4)

    Fenrich(Disgaea 4)

    Platinum the Trinity(Blazblue)

    Dark Pit(Kid Icarus Uprising)

    Killia(Disgaea 5)

    Sho(Lost Dimensions)

    Rin Okumura(Blue Exorcist)


    Aigis(Persona 3)

    Naoto Shirogane(Persona 4)

    Iris Heart(Hyperdimension)

    Ruby Rose(RWBY)



    Ragna the Bloodedge(Blazblue)

    Evil Cole MacG…

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  • Shakaboy

    Match Sale thingamajig

    July 17, 2017 by Shakaboy

    So uh

    I'm not really writing DBXs here anymore and instead of just hogging them, I'll sell 'em

    The only fight that I want to keep is Doom vs. Vegeta, everything else that isn't completed here is up for grabs

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  • TheOneLegend

    Hey guys! TheOneLegend here, and I have some sad news. I'm too caught up with the One Minute Melee and DEATH BATTLE Fanons, thus resulting in my absence from here, the DBX fanon. I've decided to put up all of my incompleted matches for sale, including any that I have adopted. I'm also leaving this wiki, not permanently, but you just won't see me a lot.

    Some matches aren't for sale. That's because they're gonna be my last hurrah for DBXs, in other words, I wanna finish them myself. No exceptions.

    Now to the good stuff, my match sale! Grab and take what you want, you're not limited to just one:

    It's a battle of bosses who love to throw everything they got at our blue heroes!

    My Chosen Winner: Plague Knight. I liked him more than Bomb-Man because…

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  • Demon CD

    16th-finals Eighth-finals Quarterfinals Semifinals Final Semifinals Quarterfinals Eighth-finals 16th-finals
    Kamina vs Leafa

    The Doctor vs Perry the Platypus
    Laura Bodewig vs Donnel
    Wolverine vs Magikarp
    Luigi vs Scott Pilgrim

    Sandbag vs Fox McCloud
    Korrina vs Raj
    Jack Spicer vs Isaac
    Bunnie Rabbot vs Cordelia

    Johnny Hotbody vs Kaos
    Guile vs Crash Bandicoot
    Danger Mouse vs Sans
    Sally Acorn vs Hulk

    NiGHTS vs Zero
    Professor Zoom vs Homura Akemi
    N vs Robbie Rotten Read more >
  • Demon CD

    Hey again, my DBXing friends... You probably remember my last attempt of creating a tournament... So, as an apology, I will hold another competition, this time doing it from very begin to last round. I hope you will join me in this epic adventure to create something great. :)

    1. You can pick up TO 4 characters from any source, but he/she/it need to have something, so I can work on.
    2. Fights will be decided by votes, so don't complain later about outcome of match.
    3. There will be only 32 places to fill and probably I won't make any more... Sorry guys.

    1. Professor Zoom (DC Comic)
    2. Jack Spicer (Xiaolin Showdown)
    3. Johnny Hotbody (Eastern Championship Wrestling)
    4. Magikarp (Pokemon)
    5. Bunnie Rabbot (Sonic the Hedgehog)
    6. Sandbag (Super Smash Bros)
    7. Isaac (Golden Sun)
    8. Zero …

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  • Awesome Arod

    Okay, so I'm on my phone and I'm looking at videos.  I randomly start looking at some science videos and I see a video on the strength of Mario.  I cliced it then saw the obvious, Mario is strong yadayadayada and the finally.  I think about, huh, I want to see the strength of Minecraft's blocky miner, Steve.  Now I knew the fucking obvious that Stvee was strong but I didn't consider the newest updates Shulker Boxes.  First off, they're badass, just the way they open is enough for me to want it, it makes me look like I'm a primitive Batman with it.  They are also backpacks, I can put extra tools, raw meat, and alot of other things.  But then I saw the video and realized I was so fucking stupid.  Steve can carry more solid gold blocks in the…

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    hey there are some forgotten dbx's i did so if you want to read them they are in my category so yeah give those a read

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  • Shakaboy

    TN Making Guy

    May 22, 2017 by Shakaboy

    Want a TN?

    I got ya.

    Two's the limit.

    Ask away, hombre

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  • 5555thExplosionMage

    I plan for the DBXs I write to follow a specific lore so here are the matches for those who are interested. Well, at least some hints.

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  • Joshuakrasinski


    April 21, 2017 by Joshuakrasinski

    hey guys recently i found out about some dbx's i found out had forgotten they are johnny cage vs mumen rider and captain rainbow vs pepsiman so you will vote for which dbx i should do from my season 2 finale the other will be sold to another user on here so yeah i will count the votes

    johnny cage vs mumen rider:

    captain rainbow vs pepsiman:

    also i found others but i will not consider not part of my season

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  • Awesome Arod

    Hola amiogs, awhile ago I made the battle with Mario, Sonic, Steve, PAC-MAN, Megaman, Master Chief, Heavy, and Tracer.  Was it good, bad?  Please give advice if it needs improvement.  And would anyone like more cluster fuck battles like this, if you do, LET ME KNOW!


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  • Wolverine-Man

    So I just finished my Season 2 lineup with Twilight Sparkle VS Goliath and am now ready for my third sason on this wiki. Here are the fights I am planning.

    • ??? (???) VS ??? (???) (Hint 1: They use guns. Hint 2: The first combatant has the name of a real-life building.)

    • Shrek VS Sulley
    • Biollante VS Perfect Chaos
    • Slender Man VS Nightmarionne
    • Scar VS Dag
    • Scorpion VS Raven Branwen
    • Lex Luthor VS Doctor Doom
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  • TheDragonDemon

    or should I say storyboard sprite! that way I'll make this completed fights, and then someone could make animation from storyboard! that's for sure to agree!

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  • Shakaboy

    Guess the Fights!

    April 9, 2017 by Shakaboy

    Inspired by DENSTIFY1, I decided to do a guessing game for future fights. Pick on one the red to fight one on the blue.

    Only rule is that you can only pick two.

    Guess away my dudes

    • Bane vs Luke Cage
    • Bowser vs Ghost Rider
    • Genos vs War Machine
    • Donald Trump vs DDD
    • Papyrus vs Zim
    • Aku vs Akuma
    • Ganon vs Erza
    • Esdeath vs Satsuki
    • Shazam vs Spawn

    • Shazam vs Ghost Rider
    • Ganondorf vs King Dedede
    • Donald Trump vs Invader Zim (I actually think this is better than my original idea)
    • Akuma vs Ganon
    • Esdeath vs Erza
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  • BMHKain

    SEASON IV Guessings

    April 7, 2017 by BMHKain

    4th fight in, I already have SEASON IV Planned.  Here are some hints...

    1. Watchdog Man (ONE PUNCH MAN) vs ???

    Bipedal Dog heroes!

    Hint 1: Shiba Inu costume vs legit bipedal dog.

    Hint 2: Anyone up for Power Instinct?

    Hint 3: Watchdog Man can fight a Demon Level threat on his own. HE, fought one!

    2. Baiken vs Raven

    Samurai ladies kick some ass!

    3. Cait & Sith vs A. Phex Brothers

    Kids play with twin killers!

    4. Victini vs Deltamon

    Another Poke/Digi rivalry, this time, with miraculous results!

    5. Neco-Arc vs Zwei

    Lolcat vs Faildog. We dine in hell.

    6. Bravo (CHAOS CODE) vs El Fuerte (STREET FIGHTER)


    7. Rocket Raccoon vs Wolf O'Donnell

    Thought the Star Wars Original Trilogy is better? The Prequels are better. NOT AN OPINION.

    8. Rena vs ???

    Two gal…

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  • Pure King of Rage

    My first match sale on this wiki

    • Connections: Two wrathful who would go to exterme lengths to get revenge.
    • Why I dropped it: Lost Interest.

    • Connections: Geniuses and Great Leaders
    • Why I dropped it: Lost Interest

    • Connections: Devious Prankmasters
    • Why I dropped it: Lost Interest

    • Connections: Flaminng Warriors
    • Why I dropped it: Lost Interest

    • Connections: Trouble making trios
    • Why I dropped it: Lost Interest
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  • BMHKain

    Because my previous Sale was a failure, here are some more fights to choose...

    1. Lightning Farron (FINAL FANTASY) vs Raiden (METAL GEAR)

    Two Badasses, one duel.

    Why I Rejected: I can think of better.

    2. Boruto Uzumaki (NARUTO) vs Hokutomaru (GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES)

    Kid Ninjas. One under his father's rival, the other? Blessed with Suck.

    Why I Rejected: Hokutomaru. Nuff Said.

    3. Johnathan Joestar (JOJO'S BIZZARE ADVENTURE) vs Captain Commando (Eponymous Series)

    Badass Heroic Leads that kickass.

    Why I Rejected: John is not from JoJolion, and Captain Commando is weak in comparison.

    4. Noriaki Kakyoin (JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE) vs Nissa Revane (MAGIC: the Gathering)

    They're Badass, and they're green.

    Why I Rejected: Will confirm a better foe for Nissa …

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  • Shakaboy

    Match Sale

    March 17, 2017 by Shakaboy

    Free DBXs for the taking.

    Connections: Two of the most popular news reporters of all time.

    Why I dropped it: how am i supposed to make two middle-aged men fight

    Connections: Teenage trios of cyborgs

    Why I dropped it: Kind of a dumb idea.

    Adopted by: Finn

    Connections: Puns

    Why I dropped it: Same reason as Carl vs Keem

    Connections: British and cynical Youtubers

    Why I dropped it: ^

    Connections: Immature demigods

    Why I dropped it: Lost interest 

    Connections: Edgy lab rats

    Why I dropped it: Found better fights

    Adopted by: TheOneLegend

    Connections: Angry giants who lost loved ones

    Why I dropped it: The idea bored me

    Connections: Gods of monsters

    Why I dropped it: Found better opponents for both

    Connections: Flamboyant fighters

    Why I dropped it: Lost interest


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  • BMHKain

    After I did so many fights without a Legitimate Season, I'm finally announcing a SEASON III for my fights! This is currently in a WIP Status, so let these franchises fill your head with ideas for guesses...

    UPDATE: Roster confirmed. I will submit the fights for Thumbs...

    1: Papi (MONSTER MUSUME) vs Sky Scout (YU-GI-OH!)

    Avian life try and fight in the sky!

    2: Elsword (Eponymous Series) vs Adol Christin (Ys)

    Two Red headed Swordsmen clash blades!

    3: Tornado of Terror (ONE PUNCH MAN) vs Jace Beleren (MAGIC: the Gathering)

    The Mind is a Terrible thing to waste...

    4: Mika Returna (Under Night IN-BIRTH) vs Vi (LEAGUE OF LEGENDS)


    5: Adam Taurus (RWBY) vs Vein (CHAOS CODE)

    Two cold-hearted Iaido Practitioners strike!

    6: Rorolina Frixell (Ateli…

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  • BMHKain

    Once again, a sale emerges. You know what this is, you know what to do...

    1: Platinum the Trinity (BlazBlue) vs Kaguya, The Moonlit Savior (FORCE OF WILL)

    Two underage Magical Girls clash to see who can kick more butt.

    2: Lightning Farron (FINAL FANTASY XIII) vs Raiden (METAL GEAR)

    Badasses. What more do you want?

    3: Rocket Raccoon (MARVEL) vs Wolf O' Donnell (STARFOX)

    A battle of good and evil in space!

    4: Pale (Wonderful World) vs Miku Izayoi (DATE A LIVE)

    They resemble Pop-Stars, but are very dangerous!

    5: Shin Hisako (KILLER INSTINCT) vs Zankuro (SAMURAI SHODOWN)

    Two Powerful Samurai pit their blade at each other!

    6: Blaster Blade (Cardfight VANDGUARD) vs  Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword (FORCE OF WILL)

    This one's an homage to TOSHIKI OVERLORD...


    Read more >

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